The Big Trip

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Work, Snow and More Snow

Hi Bloggers

Just a quickie from the frozen north. The photos I have to confess are courtesy of one of my work colleagues - what a clever girl! The main image at top is view from the back of my office and the rest are University wildlife of the non-student type!!!

We are now well into our fourth week of the cold white stuff and although I have to admit that it's very pretty - it's none too practical with Santa due.

Catch you all (hopefully) for a WRYF on Friday.



Friday, 10 December 2010

What's Rocking My Friday? A Snow Angel Perhaps?

Hi there bloggers

Well I know I've been a really naughty blogger so hands up to that one! We have been a bit beleaguered up here due the the very vast amount of white stuff that landed on us. If you saw on the news on Monday with features about the motorway closures and other hardships in Central Scotland, well I was right in the middle of it all!!!

It really has caused absolutely everything in life to go a bit haywire and I suppose I'm just grateful that I've been able to make it into work every day though I suspect it was 90% stupidity and 10% bravery on some occasions.

We eat, sleep, live and breathe football at work (well most people, me not included) and even today the pitches all remain under several feet of snow. A friend of mine ventured up to the top of the campus the other day and left an angel to watch over the pitches!!! What do you think?

Our darling boy came home on schedule last Friday and, because of the weather, hasn't been able to get back south so I have to be grateful that he's happy about that LOL! However, come Monday he's going back come hail, sun, flood or blizzard - I suspect he won't be quite as happy then.

I would like to send out a massive thank you to the people who responded to my request for Christmas cards to seel at the school. Although I hate to pick out any one individual, I must send out a massive overseas thank you to Valerie who posted the most gorgeous pack of cards. Each and everyone is a work of art. You really need to visit her blog and express your appreciation of this lady's work - she is a true artist! Thank you so much again Val.

I am grateful that the snow is now subsiding and I will be able, tomorrow, to make a very belated concentrated effort to complete my Christmas shopping. There are some things that the internet just doesn't fix for me so it's time to hit the shopping mall.

Right, short and sweet yet again so I will finish off my asking that you keep yourselves safe, healthy and as happy as possible at this rather fraught time.


Monday, 29 November 2010

I need your help bloggers!

Those of you who are regular followers of my somewhat irregular blog will know that my precious boy, Ross, attends a residential school for those children most profoundly affected by autism. For the first time I'm giving details of the school, Daldorch House, so that you can read for yourself about the wonderful work they do. Before I give you the link I need to ask for your help. As with so many schools, private and otherwise, in this day and age, they are facing a serious economic crisis and I really want to do every little bit I can to help them.

With Christmas approaching, I'm asking if those of you who make your own Christmas cards can spare a card and the cost of a postage stamp to send up a card which I can forward to the school to be sold in aid of their funds.

I am going to be setting my mind to other bigger ways of raising funds but thought I would kick off with this one.

To read about Daldorch click here.

I would like to add that although the school is situated up here in Scotland, it accepts children from all over the UK from the Orkney Isles to the Scilly Isles.

Right - must dash - cupcakes won't make themselves - am doing weekly bake sale at work as another fund-raising ploy! All other ideas for fund-raising gratefully accepted.

Thanks for taking the time to stop and read.



Friday, 12 November 2010

What's Rocked My World?

Hellow bloggers and Rockettes alike.

Yes - I know - I've been an extremely naughty blogger of late. Life would appear to have been overtaken by rounds of illness, accidents, hospital stays and visits and general fraughtness of late. And work sure as hell gets in the way of dealing with all these issues!

Anyway, hopefully my invalid will be home safe and sound tonight with good news to settle all our minds - more of this next week. Suffice it to say that it's been a long three weeks. I'm grateful to my buddies at work who have willingly bolstered my dwindling good humour and replenished the coffee supplies as and when required!

For the tennis fans among you, I had a pleasant surprise last week. Was sitting working away one day when a friend suggested that I pop along to the indoor tennis courts. Should add that work is home to the Scottish National Tennis Centre (among other notable sporting bodies). So off I trotted and there having a little "knockabout" were none other than Messrs Andy Murray and Colin Fleming,World Ranked No4 and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist respectively.

Not it's fair to say that I'm not the biggest tennis fan in the world but even I derived a certain amount of pleasure from watching the sheer power and skill exhibited by this pair in what was obviously their equivalent of "passing the time"! Grateful to have these rare and special opportunities.

Next - grateful to "" who are actually the Flower Council of Holland. A few weeks ago now I came across their website and they were asking you to nominate someone you thought deserved a surprise bunch of flowers. Well I duly completed it and pressed "send" and promptly forgot all about it. However, Wednesday morning got a phone call from my mum asking why on earth i was sending her flowers. Took me a moment or two to realise that it must have been my nomination which had won - so there's a big lovely grateful from my mum and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Photos to follow)

I appear to be struggling with my gratefuls this week and am sure that I have forgotten many but shall be content at this stage knowing that at least I've made the effort. If you want to see more lovely lists hop on over to the Virginia's blog and follow the links.

Wshing you all that you wish yourself.


Friday, 15 October 2010

So What's Rockin' Your World?

Good afternoon Rockettes and bloggers alike!!

First, a question. How in the name of all that's holy did it get to be Friday already? I'm sure I've lived a month since my last post, and a month without the required amount of sleep at that! My poor craft shed hasn't seen me for about two weeks other than to drop off some new arrivals which now lay lovelorn on my chair, still wrapped in their packaging. It's really now good enough girls - must get my act together.

Somewhere in amongst the rushing about, I had another birthday. I'm not a great one for fussing about birthdays for my own sake, much to the surprise of my colleagues as the news filtered round later on on the day in question. I was nonetheless delighted to get home and discover that I'd received mail from some of my craft buddies including Carole and Maria. You really need to visit Maria's blog and read about the labour of love that was the creation of her card! So, there lies my first grateful - it's always lovely to receive crafty creations, whatever the reason.

My next grateful has absolutely nothing to do with me but I am sure cannot help be shared by people the world over, and it's the fabulous rescue of the Chilean miners midweek. With so much doom and gloom the world over, this whole saga couldn't help but reach into the deepest darkest recesses of our souls and inspire a little faith in humankind. A huge grateful there.

Tomorrow I'm off down to Ayr for a special treat. When Ross was younger, he loved the Singing Kettle shows, both live and on video.

I found out a couple of weeks ago that they were doing a show in Ayr and when we told Ross he showed signs of enthusiasm and approval so I've booked tickets for us all to go. Needless to say by yesterday when OH went to visit, talking about Sinking Kettle, Ross was emphatically giving it "Mo" (NO!), "Mo" (No), so we'll see what tomorrow brings but it'll be worth the 130 mile round trip just to spend some extra time with him, whatever the outcome!!! A big grateful.

Without going into detail, a couple of friends are going through a really rough time just now and it serves to put my own life into perspective. Through the good times and bad it's something I've always tried to maintain and so while I send sparkles and hugs over the miles that separate us to the people in question (you know who you are!) I am grateful that by comparison any of my trials and tribulations are relatively minor.

Before I post I have a final grateful. I managed to get out of work early tonight, rather unexpectedly. Home in sunlight, I escaped down the garden for an hour or so to tidy my workdesk and make a start on a journal which I'd like to take on THAT trip. A lovely bonus to the end of my day and so a big grateful.

Right, time to sign off yet again wishing you all a safe and content week to come.


Thursday, 7 October 2010

What's Rockin' My World This Friday?

Good morning Rockettes and bloggers alike

I hope this finds you all thriving.

It's been a funny old week this week with a true mixture of the horrible and the fabulous - to both extremes. I think I'll start with the fabulous while I think of ways to be grateful about the other sides of life!

Those of you who know me well and for any length of time will know that as a family we haven't done proper outside-of-Scotland holidays for many, many years. In fact when I counted back, even i was shocked to realise that it was 16½ years since we'd been outside Scotland far less the UK! Much of this has been down to the fact that travelling with my little man has been very difficult and stressful for all concerned with the result that it's only been done in very small manageable distances and only with great amounts of planning and contingency planning. My OH and I have however always made sure that as many opportunities as possible have been made possible for our darling girl, although we've always known that the preferred the family holidays.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, via a little financial windfall and an extreme amount of soul searching, we took a trip to the travel agent on Wednesday of this week and booked return flights to the Big Apple for April 2011, along with hotel, airport transfers - the works. It's still not quite sinking in for me yet although I was high as a kite on Wednesday afternoon! My OH's parents are, sadly, both gone now and that left me to break the news to my parents. After the initial disbelief, my mum's telling comment was "About time too!". So there's a really big grateful!

Regular Rockettes and bloggers alike will know that I'm always grateful for every second Friday because it means that my gorgeous boy is home for a few days. Today is one of those days so YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! to that and much gratefulness. He's coming out of a recent decline and the staff have yet again been marvellous in guiding him through his often troubled little life. Let's count our blessings bloggers!

Unexpected visitors - having lives a life which was so often filled with chaos and mayhem, unexpected guests were often the least of my worries and I still very much live by the ethos that if you want to visit me then you take me as you find me and if you don;t like it, well.............. Monday brought unexpected guests (well - 15 minutes notice) in the form of my lovely friend Mhairi and her mum. Two hours later they left following a wide ranging discussion which went from autism, to cupcakes, from loss adjusters to stampeding cattle - fabulous - only in my house!

Sparkles - now these little specimens, well known to all crafters, are magical things, multi-purpose and very effective. I'm so very grateful that they do actually do their stuff. In this post I'm sending out bucket loads of them to those who need or want them and some of my crafty pals/bloggers will know that the super-strength variety are heading straight to them to see them through these darker days. You know who you are ladies.

Right, must get on with some of the work I'm paid to do - lunchtime being over. I certainly won;t get a chance to complete this post tonight so am going to leave it as it stands and wish you all things you wish yourself in the coming week until we all meet again - same time - same place.


Thursday, 30 September 2010

What's Rockin' Your Friday

Taking a leaf from the lovely Virginia's book (or blog) I have been adding to this post through the week as I forever send out my Friday Rockin' post and then remember things which I really truly meant to comment on! I truly believe in lists but just don't seem to have the hang of making them and keeping track of them physically!

First grateful is to the now sadly late, but nonetheless phenomenally great Tony Curtis who shuffled off to the great studio in the sky this week.

How much do I love his films. At the risk of sounding like someone's aged aunt - they really don't make films like they used to. Who can honestly argue when you sit and watch the marvellous fun and simplicity of something like "Some Like It Hot" with marvellous Ms Monroe and Mr Lemmon

Mr Curtis, you always were and always will be, one of the greats and you're one of my gratefuls for this week!

Next up is a surprise blog award from the fabulous Valerie Jael over in Germany. Now if you haven't visited Val's blog a) why not? and b) get yourself over there now (or when you're finished here!!) and see her marvellous work. This is one seriously talented lady. From you Val, a blog award is all the more special. Healing sparkles to you Val.

My next grateful if that I haven't actually gone totally grey this week. My daughter is appearing in a show at our local Town Hall this weekend. The title is "And now for something completely different". She's a member of our local operatic society and absolutely loves it. However I digress (nothing new there then). Demands for costumes, shoes, insoles for shoes because of her skinny feet, fishnet tights - the list goes on! Between working full time, running to and fro for rehearsals, dealing with car repairs, household shopping, managing my farm on Farmville ;-) and an ageing moggy who's overnight bladder capacity has a timespan of three hours (and who refuses to use a litter tray) life has just been that little bit more hectic than usual. So this grateful goes to my other half who has been off work this week and able to pick up on all the other bits of flotsam and jetsam of life which managed to escape me!

My next grateful and Maria knows how I mean it - is the reassurance that there's always someone else having a worse week than you so can you please pop over to Maria's blog and leave her massive hugs and many many sparkles - goodness knows she deserves and needs them!

On the craft front I did manage to complete a layout including a photo taken on afore-mentioned daughter's birthday. Just haven't had a chance to take a photo yet so will pop it on here hopefully over the weekend. My lovely new papers that I showed you last week have arrived - they are Kaisercraft's "Tis The Season" and I got the from Merly Impressions. This was the first time I'd visited their site and I will most certainly be back!

Right Rockettes and bloggers alike. Time I was getting on with the work of the day so I will wish you a safe, happy and content week to come and we all meet again.


Friday, 24 September 2010

What's Rockin' Your Friday

Sorry bloggers and Rockettes alike

Have been a bad blogger. This has partly been due to being busy and partly a bit of apathy. When I received a message from Maria, posting me missing, I knew it was time to take time out and get my blogging act back together!

Still phenomenally busy at work and at home. I suppose my first grateful has to be that there are so many students wanting to come to us here in Stirling and wanting to study/participate in sport and that keeps me in a living!!!

In the last two weeks I've done a couple of return trips to Newcastle (3 hours each way) with my mum and dad who were away on a cruise which took in Germany, Denmark, Russia and other places although not in the particular order. It was lovely to hear what a fab time they had although after the Force 10 gale on the trip home I suspect they were glad to be back on dry ground!

I am grateful to my wide and extended family who keep in touch through the phenomenon that is Facebook and thought I'd share this fab photo which my cousin posted of the Northern Lights.

How marvellous a sight must that have been? For the record, Darren is a trawlerman and sails the wild north sea, often as far as Iceland!!!!!!!

Today is a good day as it is a second Friday and I am always grateful on these Fridays as they bring my precious boy home to me for the weekend. He has been treading an anxious path of late at school and has been heavily reliant on the love and support of his team of staff to see him through his dark days and nights. It is a worrying time for all who know and love Ross and it's at these times that I admit to hating having him away from home, no matter how necessary. So my biggest grateful, yet again, is to that marvellous bunch.

Crafting has been a seldom seen activity in the last couple of weeks but I should have another layout to show this weekend which will celebrate my darling daughter's 15th birthday. Where on earth does the time go?

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that Christmas is making it's presence know. I remember hearing someone utter at some point that is was only 100 days until Christmas. There has been some fabulous blogging activity recently with people making use of freebie papers from Scrapbook Magazine and in particular I commend the work of my buddies Sue and Alma. Well done ladies - your work is so so fabulous as ever!!!!!!!!! I had a little browse on the web for Christmas inspiration the other day and found these gorgeous papers from Kaiserkraft - how gorgeous are they?

I feel a little spend coming up when payday arrives!!

Okay peeps - time to get on but at least my blogging conscience is clear. Why don't you hop on over to Virginia's blog and see who else is grateful for what - it's always an uplifting read.

TTFN and take care.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Second time this year?

Hi bloggers and friends alike

Second what I hear you ask - well I'm ashamed to say that it's ony my second LO this year.

It's unusual for, for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that is is of my baby boy - Ross. For the record, I should add that my baby was 13 two weeks ago!!

I know you're probably wondering why a layout of Ross is unusual. Those of you who know me well will know that my little man is profoundly and severely affected by autism. Any photos taken of him between the ages of 10 months and 5 years usually show him in some state of anxiety or off in his own little world. Very rarely did he ever smile in those distant days. Hence why I love this photo so much and was glad to discover it in an album yesterday. It was taklen in my mum's garden and I adore his gentle little smile which actually reaches his eyes - a peaceful little boy.

The papers are from an Oriental kit I got from QVC some time back - you may remember it, the one with the silk papers and silk covered album.

Anyway, I loved them because they toned in with the little top he's wearing in the photo. Although I appeared to have a garden theme running, I didn't want to use flowers and hence the pinwheels. Ross loves pinwheels and we used to have so many of the big plastic ones - acquiring a new one with each garden centre visit!!!

The papers are all double-sided and tone in beautifully. I have also used some of the little oriental tags and fabric covered brads which came in the kit. The numbers and surrounding plaque and grungeboard element by the notable Mr Holtz and came up beautifully with some ink, Glossy Accents and accidental Stickles - I didn't ave my glasses on so used the wrong accent on the numbers.

When I thought I'd finished the layout I found this embroidered bird motif and felt it was just the final finishing touch.

There certainly seems to be quite a lot of embellishment going on on this LO and that in itself is unusual for me but this kit was so lovely to work with and so easy to keep adding bits without a fear of a crowded page. Titles were cut using Cricut "George and Basic Shapes" font.

Let me know what you think people?



Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I've been tagged

Maria - you know that revenge will be mine!!!!

Getting to know me

1. If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing it that way; if you are not anonymous do you wish you had started out anonymously so you could be anonymous now?

I don't blog anonymously but I tend to watch what I'm writing because I worry that people will be bored or that I'll be indiscreet to a greater or lesser degree.

2. Describe one incident that shows your inner stubborn side.

Oooooh - my Oh would probably be able to come up with 1001 instances for this bt I'm struggling LOL. Perhaps not an incident so much as a journey. Succeeding in getting my DS (profoundly affected by autism) to be allowed to access mainstream school in Primary 1.

3. What do you see when you really look at yourself in the face in the mirror?

Fat and spotty but with a great haircut LOL!!

4. What is your favorite summer cold drink?

Full fat Coca Cola with ice and lemon!

5. When you take time for yourself, what do you do?

Read -anything and everything!

6. Is there something you still want to accomplish in your life? What is it?

Like most mums I want to do all I can to ensure that my children have the best possible futures but for me personally - VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. When you attended school, were you the class clown, the class overachiever, the class shy person, or always ditching school? Describe who you were if not one of these.

Distinctly average and a bit on the quiet side.

8. If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very poignant moment in your life, what do you see?

My mum and dad walking into the hospital ward for the first time after my daughter was born. Won't ever forget the tears in my mum's eyes.

9. Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people or events?

Although I do share snippets about my family and my life I still lack the confidence to be as open as I would like to be. Although I worry about boring people I do think that I, as we all do, have had life experiences which would be useful to share.

10. If you had the choice to sit and read or talk on the phone, which would you do and why?

Given the choice I will always opt for reading as I'm a totally useless conversationalist!!!

Am off now to tag Susie and Ann.



Tuesday, 24 August 2010

So Where Do You Live? - Updates

Morning bloggers

As I mentioned in Friday's post, I've got a little bit of a challenge for you. Through our various connections via forums, blogs, chat rooms etc we get to know a bit about our online buddies.

I'm by nature a very curious person and thought it would be nice to know a bit more about each other.

Specifically, I thought it would be nice to know about where we all live!

I posted this idea on the DoCrafts scrapbooking forum last week and already we have an eager beaver in the form of Joanne, telling us about life in Camberley in Surrey. Thanks so much Joanne!!!

While doing a quick bit of blog-hopping at lunchtime I see that Donna a.k.a. Doodles-Dumpkins has done a fab post on the wonders of Swindon.

So come on ladies and gents, have a look at their entries and take it from there. I will have my entry up by the weekend hopefully - one special photo I need to nip out and capture!!



Just had a quick blog hop and I see that Vaslerie-Jael has just taken part in this challnge. Val writes in a wonderfully entertaining and informative way but this is NOTHING compared to her crafting - go see. Thanks Val!!!

Friday, 20 August 2010

What's Rocking Your Friday?

Good evening bloggers and Rockettes alike.

Well, what a busy old week it's been since we last met up! My first and most obvious grateful is that DS arrived home last Friday for an extended stay of 6 days and he was sooooooo excited, believe me. His normal stay is Friday to Monday every other weekend. This time he stayed until Thursday (yesterday) to let him have his birthday at home on Wednesday. He loved being at home, as you would expect, but boy were we all exhausted by yesterday. Autism is really hard work, but combine it with an energetic thirteen year old and you really start to feel old! Thirteen years - where have they gone?

This was my second week off work and still no crafting was done until abut 7.30 tonight when I summed up the energy after an after-dinner nap! More on that next week as the work is intended for one of my fellow bloggers *wink, wink*.

When Ross is home, he's not really keen on venturing out much. The staff at school are the first to remind is that he's under constant and quite heavy pressure all the while he's at school and that's why he's happy to have his own "me" time and do as he pleases. Fortuantely his doting Dad and my wonderful OH is quite happy to be wherever Ross is which is probbaly just as well.

To my darling daughter, Alexandra, or "Wubbs" as she is known often - don't ask my why, the history of that one is far too old and silly and would take be half an hour to explain. At school her friends call her Alex but if I'm talking to her in any seriousness, or about her, I always say Alexandra. She started back school on Wednesday - early start for us up here in Scotland. So needless to say we had the mad last minute rush to pick up all the odds and ends she needed as well as nipping into school to collect her new blazer. It seems to be on the first day of each new autumn term that I notice more than at any other time how much she is growing up and she is definitely becoming a young lady - and not even 15 yet - a few weeks to go. Love you gorgeous girl!

A big grateful to my hairdresser Scott. My hair was getting way too long and I decided it was very unbecoming to a woman of my advancing years. So, yesterday morning I had an appointment with Scott and asked him to take it up from halfway down my back to something more reasonable. I would always trusdt his judgement so asked him to cut it without no mirror for me until he was finished. The only stipulation was that it wasn't to be too short. Long story cut short (pardon the pun - none intended), I now have a jaw length curlyish bob which I absolutely adore. It is so so different and makes me look so much better and so much less tired. Even my darling dad, who isn't known for his opinions on female matters, was heard to comment, unprompted "Who's the dolly bird?" when I stuck my head round the door after my appointment. Praise indeed from one of life's most important men.

SO here I am with only a couple of days left before I go back to work. It's been a good couple of weeks and I have more time off in September so that's not so bad. Thanks to my OH for surviving us both being in the house for a whole week and more precisely coping with the ensuing shopping trips LOL!!!

A photo-free blog this week as Alexandra, like her mum, hates having her photo taken, Ross's self injury to his face isn't something I'm ready to share yet and so precluded any photos of him and no crafting to show for my time away from work. Next week will be different I promise.

On this note I'm going to go before we head into Saturday. I feel the need for a little Team Edward fix before bed-time!!

HAve a safe week all and look out for my blog challenge which I'll be posting about this weekend. Nothing too serious - just a bit of fun.


Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday - where has the week gone?

Good morning Rockettes and bloggers alike, and welcome.

This morning finds the skies clear with just a few clouds although I gather it's not so great in other parts of the country,so fingers crossed it reaches you all this weekend. Good weather always makes me feel that little bit brighter, sort of lifts the spirits a bit, despite whatever else is going on.

First on my list is my fab few days up in St Andrews with my mum and Alexandra. We had decided to take the big tent (6 man) for just the three of us and we eventually set off with the car packed to the gunwales on Sunday lunch-time and got there just an hour and a half later. We booked into a gorgeous site just three miles outside of St Andrews in a small village called Strathkinness.

It's a small but very pretty village, beautifully maintained with flower baskets and tubs everywhere. It's a common feature of these East Fife villages and make driving around this area a real pleasure.

Anyway, we had a few fab days and St Andrews was looking at its best for the many,many tourists who were thronging the place.

We had a fab few days wandering around, visiting the usual attractions, doing some shopping (more on that shortly!), eating and generally just chilling.

On the shopping front, some of my crafty buddies will know that if I have a real weakness in life, other than for stash, it's for handbags. On Tuesday I found myself standing outside a shop called Ness. Now, I'm proud to be a Scot and love tartan in the right context but wouldn't sell my soul for it. However ........ must to the amusement of Mum and Alexandra, I was literally stopped in my tracks by a bag and knew that I had to have it, right reason or none.

Needless to say the bag came home with me and I adore it. Each to their own and all that.

Well, we had a fab time and came back on Wednesday, more out of necessity than desire it has to be said.

Today, a big day. My darling some comes home today and will be with us until next Thursday. During that time he'll have his 13th birthday. Where does the time go?

Yesterday was spent finalising my daughter's courses for her Highers (Scottish term, not sure of English equivalent), collecting her new school blazer, catching up on housework and the dreaded "i" word - sorry if you're reading this Sue-Bubbles! However, it's all done now so I can settle to the joys of the day with a clear conscience. For one day only I am, to all intents and purposes, a domestic goddess!!!

Another grateful, and a really big one, is to my darling husband who stayed at home while we girls went gallivanting. He was well aware that I wouldn't go away while Ross was in school and have no-one on-call at home for the school. Although we were only another hour and a half further away from the school, I just wouldn't have risked it. Thank you Jim - you spoil your girls!

Facebook - I know people have mixed opinions on this subject. I personally love it for the ability it gives me to maintain relationships so easily over distance and time. Facebook on mobile web is even better when you're travelling and arranging to meet with friends.

Right - crafty stuff planned next week when I'm not dancing attendance on my darling boy. Alexandra starts back school on Wednesday and other than the trauma of finding shoes for a child who has ankles like a sparrow at the age of 14 years and 11 months - I think we're all sorted.

This post's been a bit of a ramble so if you've made it this far, congratulations and thank you for sticking with it.

Until the next time, and don't forget to pop over and visit Virginia at the Celtic House. Even better - why don't you join us - it's good for the soul!!


Friday, 6 August 2010

So What's Rocking Your World This Friday?

Good morning Rockettes and bloggers alike!! It's a very dull, grey and damp Friday morning up here in Stirling, but do I care? Not a bit!!!!!!!!! Why - because I finish up work today for two whole weeks of R&R - YIPPEEEEEEEE I suspect that if life goes along it's usual pattern then there might be slightly less of the R&R than I would like but it'll be nice to spend time with my darling daughter before our schools start back on 18th August.

First thing on the agenda is a girlie camping trip up to St Andrews - how much do I love this place!!!!!!!!! My mum, daughter and I are off tomorrow for a few days and we'll come back when we feel like it.

This place has all the things which are important to me on holiday:

1. Good beaches
2. Fabulous ice-cream
3. Lots of history

We will be back mid-week next week at latest as Ross comes home on Friday for 6 days, and Alexandra and I are helping out here in Stirling at the University's first Scootathlon next Friday - more on that one later!

Crafting has been non-existent this week as I've been feeling a bit under the weather with swollen glands and just being generally exhausted. I do however have a not inconsiderable to-do list forming so hopefully I can make a start on that at some point.

For now, I must go and get on with some work if I want my desk cleared by 5 tonight. So I will wish you an safe and happy week until we meet again.


Friday, 30 July 2010

What's Ricking Your World Friday?

Happy Friday afternoon bloggers and Rockettes alike!!!

First things first - as I type my precious boy has arrived home for the weekend so all will be well and normal. Junk food, loud music, no computers free - just like any other household with a 12 year old and a 14 year old in residence. So similar but so different. As is the case every other Friday, that is my BIG grateful!

I am so glad to realise that this time next week I will be winding down at work for two weeks off - bliss. I haven't done much crafting this week but was delighted with the response I got from the recipient of the engagement book I featured in last week's WRYF post. Also, thank you for all your kind comments.

Following hot on the heels of last week's WRYF, came the post about my current love and obsession - the Twilight Saga. In an effort to avoid sounding totally demented and obsessive, suffice it to say that I am most definitely Team Edward and no amount of written word or celluloid images have managed to sway me from this decision. I am just so glad that there are other like-minded people, including my Facebook and online scrapping buddy Susie.

Another big positive today - Payday - thank goodness. Have already ordered myself a set of much coveted Tim Holtz stamps from Cuddly Buddly and am hoping they arrive very soon. The stamps in question are........

I've been after these stamps for a while and managed to pick them up with a few pounds of the usual price so I am well pleased!

Right, need to go now so will wish you all a happy Friday and an even more fabulous weekend, whatever it brings you, planned or otherwise, and will catch up with you soon.


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Hands up - guilty as charged!!


For the past year or so I've been wondering what all the fuss was about, after all it was only a kid's series of books about a vampire! Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!

Over the past ten days or so I've found myself with some unexpected me-time and my all-time passion is reading. So, bought myself, admittedly very sceptically, a copy of Twilight. Couldn't put the damned thing down. I forsook sleep and food to read the book every chance I got. Did it in 36 hours and absolutely adored it! By midnight last Friday I was a firm and committed member of Team Edward. That young man has more sex appeal that I would have thought possible to commit to paper.

By last night I'd managed to finish New Moon and Eclipse and watch Twilight on DVD. Have to admit that I found the DVD a tad disappointing but I'm always the same if I've read the book first.

Finally, I wouldn't say that I'm one for carrying my obsessions to any serious length. However......... this afternoon OH and I decided that given there were still no children in the house, we would head into town to do some bits and pieces of shopping. While we were wandering I commented that I needed a new everyday watch for work etc. Went into one of the jewellers and there it was - shouting at me - come buy me Gill, you know you want me!!!!

The delectable Sekonda Twilight no less! So, I confess, I've finally lost the plot but hey it's all good clean fun and will be even better when I settle down later tonight to start rereading Twilight - I loved that book sooooo much. Carole Griffin - I blame you and Tinks, and thank you at the same time. A little escapism has been a wonderful thing following on some of the stresses of late.