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Thursday, 30 September 2010

What's Rockin' Your Friday

Taking a leaf from the lovely Virginia's book (or blog) I have been adding to this post through the week as I forever send out my Friday Rockin' post and then remember things which I really truly meant to comment on! I truly believe in lists but just don't seem to have the hang of making them and keeping track of them physically!

First grateful is to the now sadly late, but nonetheless phenomenally great Tony Curtis who shuffled off to the great studio in the sky this week.

How much do I love his films. At the risk of sounding like someone's aged aunt - they really don't make films like they used to. Who can honestly argue when you sit and watch the marvellous fun and simplicity of something like "Some Like It Hot" with marvellous Ms Monroe and Mr Lemmon

Mr Curtis, you always were and always will be, one of the greats and you're one of my gratefuls for this week!

Next up is a surprise blog award from the fabulous Valerie Jael over in Germany. Now if you haven't visited Val's blog a) why not? and b) get yourself over there now (or when you're finished here!!) and see her marvellous work. This is one seriously talented lady. From you Val, a blog award is all the more special. Healing sparkles to you Val.

My next grateful if that I haven't actually gone totally grey this week. My daughter is appearing in a show at our local Town Hall this weekend. The title is "And now for something completely different". She's a member of our local operatic society and absolutely loves it. However I digress (nothing new there then). Demands for costumes, shoes, insoles for shoes because of her skinny feet, fishnet tights - the list goes on! Between working full time, running to and fro for rehearsals, dealing with car repairs, household shopping, managing my farm on Farmville ;-) and an ageing moggy who's overnight bladder capacity has a timespan of three hours (and who refuses to use a litter tray) life has just been that little bit more hectic than usual. So this grateful goes to my other half who has been off work this week and able to pick up on all the other bits of flotsam and jetsam of life which managed to escape me!

My next grateful and Maria knows how I mean it - is the reassurance that there's always someone else having a worse week than you so can you please pop over to Maria's blog and leave her massive hugs and many many sparkles - goodness knows she deserves and needs them!

On the craft front I did manage to complete a layout including a photo taken on afore-mentioned daughter's birthday. Just haven't had a chance to take a photo yet so will pop it on here hopefully over the weekend. My lovely new papers that I showed you last week have arrived - they are Kaisercraft's "Tis The Season" and I got the from Merly Impressions. This was the first time I'd visited their site and I will most certainly be back!

Right Rockettes and bloggers alike. Time I was getting on with the work of the day so I will wish you a safe, happy and content week to come and we all meet again.



  1. OH, Gill, you need to clone yourself! Your cat's bladder capacity reminds me of mine after the op but I do still manage to find the *litter tray*. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh Gill - it works better than the wing and a prayer blog posting (which is actually what you got this week from me because - well life got in the way). Loving your list - hadn't realised Mr Curtis had passed away - so saddened on this because one of my favourite films is So Like it Hot - it's just a sheer delight to watch! Hope you are having a good start to the weekend!

    Hugs as always

  3. Well done for doing your list this week - sounds like you've got quite a bit on your plate. Ahhhh to your puddy-tat - why do we have the stinky, things? Cos we love 'em to bits! My house would be a darn sight cleaner and fresher without my aged dog and cat - but a sadder place, that's for sure.

    Break a leg to your daughter!


  4. oh gill you dozy moo, I was enjoying reading your list, especially about tony, I thought the same when I heard yesterday I thought he was gorgeous, lol...

    then I was feeling sorry for your hectic week of being a taxi driver, working woman, dress making, home builder etc.(the list goes on) then you surprise me about me, lol.. yes I know what you mean;-)

    hugs go out to you and all yours... you take care and fingers crossed for a slower pace next week for you (how long is the play on for?)...

    maria xx

  5. Love your list Gill.
    "Some Like It Hot" is one of my all time favourite films - and I agree -they don't make them like they used to!
    Sue xx

  6. Another in total agreement here. One of my favourite actresses is Bette Davis and would more than likely pick one of her films to watch over many of the modern ones :) I was so sad to read of Tony Curtis dying (on Twitter of all places) I remember seeing him in an interview last year and he still looked fab!

    I'm going to try and do my Rocking week throughout the week like this next week as I'm the same - always remember stuff I've missed.