The Big Trip

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

In honour of the phenomenon that is Smash

  1. Listening to the sounds associated with the football match going on outside my office window
  2. Eating M&S's shortbread - one of the best around in my well informed opinion - got the waistline to prove how well informed I am!!!
  3. Drinking tea - white no sugar.  I am the proverbial tea jenny although my first drink of the day (at work) is a tall skinny latte - no sugar.
  4. Wearing black sweater, black/grey long skirt, black patent pumps - standard winter workwear for me
  5. Feeling glad to be over the hump of the week, glad my boy will be home for a long weekend on Friday
  6. Weather is sooooooooo cold.  From my office I can see a good covering of snow on top of Ben Ledi - looks like the forecasters got it right for once.
  7. Wanting to be home, dinner finished, playing with my new Promarkers - love them.
  8. Needing a big hug
  9. Thinking about the phenomenon that is Pinterest and how it led me to type this post!
  10. Enjoying the contract between the warmth of my office and the freezing wind and clear blue skies outside - simple things today.