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Friday, 12 November 2010

What's Rocked My World?

Hellow bloggers and Rockettes alike.

Yes - I know - I've been an extremely naughty blogger of late. Life would appear to have been overtaken by rounds of illness, accidents, hospital stays and visits and general fraughtness of late. And work sure as hell gets in the way of dealing with all these issues!

Anyway, hopefully my invalid will be home safe and sound tonight with good news to settle all our minds - more of this next week. Suffice it to say that it's been a long three weeks. I'm grateful to my buddies at work who have willingly bolstered my dwindling good humour and replenished the coffee supplies as and when required!

For the tennis fans among you, I had a pleasant surprise last week. Was sitting working away one day when a friend suggested that I pop along to the indoor tennis courts. Should add that work is home to the Scottish National Tennis Centre (among other notable sporting bodies). So off I trotted and there having a little "knockabout" were none other than Messrs Andy Murray and Colin Fleming,World Ranked No4 and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist respectively.

Not it's fair to say that I'm not the biggest tennis fan in the world but even I derived a certain amount of pleasure from watching the sheer power and skill exhibited by this pair in what was obviously their equivalent of "passing the time"! Grateful to have these rare and special opportunities.

Next - grateful to "" who are actually the Flower Council of Holland. A few weeks ago now I came across their website and they were asking you to nominate someone you thought deserved a surprise bunch of flowers. Well I duly completed it and pressed "send" and promptly forgot all about it. However, Wednesday morning got a phone call from my mum asking why on earth i was sending her flowers. Took me a moment or two to realise that it must have been my nomination which had won - so there's a big lovely grateful from my mum and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Photos to follow)

I appear to be struggling with my gratefuls this week and am sure that I have forgotten many but shall be content at this stage knowing that at least I've made the effort. If you want to see more lovely lists hop on over to the Virginia's blog and follow the links.

Wshing you all that you wish yourself.



  1. It may be a short list but it's a good one Gill.
    How exciting to see Andy Murray and also to get those flowers for your Mum. :)
    Sue xx

  2. well I'm grateful to see you blogging again gill... sending you tons of hugs and sparkles..

    maria xx

  3. Gill don't stress about not having a long list of gratefuls just finding one means that it's a worthwhile thought process. I love the story about the flowers - what a fabulous way of cheering someone's day without even knowing you had - beautiful stuff.

    I hope this week is not a fraught for you!