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Friday, 20 August 2010

What's Rocking Your Friday?

Good evening bloggers and Rockettes alike.

Well, what a busy old week it's been since we last met up! My first and most obvious grateful is that DS arrived home last Friday for an extended stay of 6 days and he was sooooooo excited, believe me. His normal stay is Friday to Monday every other weekend. This time he stayed until Thursday (yesterday) to let him have his birthday at home on Wednesday. He loved being at home, as you would expect, but boy were we all exhausted by yesterday. Autism is really hard work, but combine it with an energetic thirteen year old and you really start to feel old! Thirteen years - where have they gone?

This was my second week off work and still no crafting was done until abut 7.30 tonight when I summed up the energy after an after-dinner nap! More on that next week as the work is intended for one of my fellow bloggers *wink, wink*.

When Ross is home, he's not really keen on venturing out much. The staff at school are the first to remind is that he's under constant and quite heavy pressure all the while he's at school and that's why he's happy to have his own "me" time and do as he pleases. Fortuantely his doting Dad and my wonderful OH is quite happy to be wherever Ross is which is probbaly just as well.

To my darling daughter, Alexandra, or "Wubbs" as she is known often - don't ask my why, the history of that one is far too old and silly and would take be half an hour to explain. At school her friends call her Alex but if I'm talking to her in any seriousness, or about her, I always say Alexandra. She started back school on Wednesday - early start for us up here in Scotland. So needless to say we had the mad last minute rush to pick up all the odds and ends she needed as well as nipping into school to collect her new blazer. It seems to be on the first day of each new autumn term that I notice more than at any other time how much she is growing up and she is definitely becoming a young lady - and not even 15 yet - a few weeks to go. Love you gorgeous girl!

A big grateful to my hairdresser Scott. My hair was getting way too long and I decided it was very unbecoming to a woman of my advancing years. So, yesterday morning I had an appointment with Scott and asked him to take it up from halfway down my back to something more reasonable. I would always trusdt his judgement so asked him to cut it without no mirror for me until he was finished. The only stipulation was that it wasn't to be too short. Long story cut short (pardon the pun - none intended), I now have a jaw length curlyish bob which I absolutely adore. It is so so different and makes me look so much better and so much less tired. Even my darling dad, who isn't known for his opinions on female matters, was heard to comment, unprompted "Who's the dolly bird?" when I stuck my head round the door after my appointment. Praise indeed from one of life's most important men.

SO here I am with only a couple of days left before I go back to work. It's been a good couple of weeks and I have more time off in September so that's not so bad. Thanks to my OH for surviving us both being in the house for a whole week and more precisely coping with the ensuing shopping trips LOL!!!

A photo-free blog this week as Alexandra, like her mum, hates having her photo taken, Ross's self injury to his face isn't something I'm ready to share yet and so precluded any photos of him and no crafting to show for my time away from work. Next week will be different I promise.

On this note I'm going to go before we head into Saturday. I feel the need for a little Team Edward fix before bed-time!!

HAve a safe week all and look out for my blog challenge which I'll be posting about this weekend. Nothing too serious - just a bit of fun.



  1. Hi Gill

    Lovely list, I really loved reading all about your week. However, you can't get away with telling us all about your fab new haircut and not show us a picture!

    I love that you and I have so many similarities - both have Alexandras and both have 13 year old sons to name just a couple. It must be something about the name Alex that you get lots of nicknames! We don't call ours Wubbs but she is sometimes Bubs!

    Glad that Ross, and you, had a lovely time with him at home, and a happy birthday.

    Looking forward to seeing your crafting next week!

    Hugs - Carole xxx

  2. Hi sounds like a busy but fun week. Your hair cut sounds Fab too glad your time at home was fun for you all - Im with your son on the chill time :0)

  3. fab list gill, sounds a lovely week too, so pleased ross had a good week and alex school went well...

    and totally agree with carole, WHERE'S THE PHOTO of the new haircut, come on don't leave us in suspense... we need to see this 'dolly bird'...

    maria x

  4. Another one braving the hair dressers - hurray! I'm glad your time with your son has been good family time for you. You sound like you've had a seriously busy week overall and so am amazed you managed to squeeze in a rocking your world - but it's all the more precious when you get to look back at it! Hope you have a great weekend and time to relax and recover!


  5. What a great (if tiring) week. So pleased Ross had his b'day at home and that he had chance for some "me time".
    Looking forward to seeing photo of the "new you" - that's 3 of us who've braved the hairdresser this week!
    Sue xx

  6. Wow busy week indeed. Ours are going back to school this week so we've been dashing round getting everything ready... and I'm off for the chop next week :P

    I agree - a photo id needed to share with us of the new do ;)