The Big Trip

Friday, 15 October 2010

So What's Rockin' Your World?

Good afternoon Rockettes and bloggers alike!!

First, a question. How in the name of all that's holy did it get to be Friday already? I'm sure I've lived a month since my last post, and a month without the required amount of sleep at that! My poor craft shed hasn't seen me for about two weeks other than to drop off some new arrivals which now lay lovelorn on my chair, still wrapped in their packaging. It's really now good enough girls - must get my act together.

Somewhere in amongst the rushing about, I had another birthday. I'm not a great one for fussing about birthdays for my own sake, much to the surprise of my colleagues as the news filtered round later on on the day in question. I was nonetheless delighted to get home and discover that I'd received mail from some of my craft buddies including Carole and Maria. You really need to visit Maria's blog and read about the labour of love that was the creation of her card! So, there lies my first grateful - it's always lovely to receive crafty creations, whatever the reason.

My next grateful has absolutely nothing to do with me but I am sure cannot help be shared by people the world over, and it's the fabulous rescue of the Chilean miners midweek. With so much doom and gloom the world over, this whole saga couldn't help but reach into the deepest darkest recesses of our souls and inspire a little faith in humankind. A huge grateful there.

Tomorrow I'm off down to Ayr for a special treat. When Ross was younger, he loved the Singing Kettle shows, both live and on video.

I found out a couple of weeks ago that they were doing a show in Ayr and when we told Ross he showed signs of enthusiasm and approval so I've booked tickets for us all to go. Needless to say by yesterday when OH went to visit, talking about Sinking Kettle, Ross was emphatically giving it "Mo" (NO!), "Mo" (No), so we'll see what tomorrow brings but it'll be worth the 130 mile round trip just to spend some extra time with him, whatever the outcome!!! A big grateful.

Without going into detail, a couple of friends are going through a really rough time just now and it serves to put my own life into perspective. Through the good times and bad it's something I've always tried to maintain and so while I send sparkles and hugs over the miles that separate us to the people in question (you know who you are!) I am grateful that by comparison any of my trials and tribulations are relatively minor.

Before I post I have a final grateful. I managed to get out of work early tonight, rather unexpectedly. Home in sunlight, I escaped down the garden for an hour or so to tidy my workdesk and make a start on a journal which I'd like to take on THAT trip. A lovely bonus to the end of my day and so a big grateful.

Right, time to sign off yet again wishing you all a safe and content week to come.



  1. fab list again gill and as for the miners, saw some of it and every time it bought tears to my eyes...

    and I would like to add my sparkles to the people in question that are having a rough time...

    hope all goes well with your singing kettle trip, hugs...

    maria xx

  2. Hugs Gill - hope you all have fun tomorrow and that your shed sees more of you soon.
    Sue xx

  3. A great list from your birthday week Gill! Glad you liked your card and glad that you had a lovely day despite not wanting any fuss!
    Enjoy the Singing Kettle show and time with Ross (and please stop the countdown over on FB!)

    Hugs - Carole xxx

  4. Oh Gill gorgeous list tonight! Belated birthday wishes, love both of those gorgeous cards - absolutely amazing! And Yes I must admit I kept getting a little teary watching the Chilean miners being rescued - it really was amazing!

    Hope you have a little more crafting time and a great weekend!


  5. Happy Birthday for your special day in the week! Those are beautiful cards. Good luck with the Singing Kettle trip, let's hope Ross shows a bit more enthusiasm......! I chose the Chilean mining rescue on my Rocking post too - it really was the best news, wasn't it?

    Take care, Gill and enjoy your weekend.

  6. Those cards are beautiful - happy belated birthday :)

    Love your list this week! I remember the singing kettle :D Wow!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Gill!
    I'm so sorry I missed it, but due to all our building work and moving out, lock, stock and barrel over the last few weeks, I am only catching up with my lovely crafty pals now.

    Your cards are wonderful and what a lovely list Gill, I hope you get out to your crafty shed soon, if not, I may just have to pop out there myself and pinch all your scrummy stash too, lol!
    Suzie xxxxx :)

  8. Great cards thanks for sharing!!!