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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Craft Companion

Evening bloggers

Twice in one week - must be a record for me!!!

Right, at the request of my good blogging friend Sue-Bubbles, here's a picture of my newly tidied work desk this afternoon.

The weather up here today has been overcast and muggy. We had a bit of a shower this morning but it really didn't come to anything. We decided to go ahead with a planned barbecue with my mum and dad at our house. Were sitting finishing our meal about 4'ish when the heavens really opened. It was lovely and cooling and had that beautiful after-the-rain smell from the fields surrounding us.

After mum and dad left, I decided to head back down to the shed

As I got near the door I realised I'd forgotten to close it when last out

and found that I had a visitor. I did wonder where he'd got to after my dad had insisted on feeding him barbecued fresh trout!!!!

There he was, dead to the world, curled up on mu work chair. As I post this blog, ten o'clock at night, he's still out there so I must remember to go and retrieve him and lock up for the night. It's still very mild and very light up here at this time of night. We had some visitors at dusk (about 11'ish) on Friday night (right at the stat of Grey's Anatomy - that's how I know the time!!!). There were three small roe deer in the field. So small and delicate - they were gorgeous.

Right, thatis post has been a real piece of nonsense but will pass two minutes of your time since you've popped in. I will post pictures of the work I got done tomorrow hopefully. The light wasn't good enough by the time I was coming in to get decent photos.



Friday, 25 June 2010

What's Rocking Your World Friday

A very late evening Friday post from me so her we go

Thanks to Virginia at Celtic House for her insightful list as always.

Me, firstly - it's gotta be that I'm thankful I'm now off work for four days - yay!! The schools up here in Scotland broke up today for summer - a real double-edged sword I know.

My mum for running around after my darling daughter who always, but always, despite my morning cal, always managed to forget either her phone, purse or house key when dashing out to school. Granny to the rescue!!!!!!!

As I'm sure you all are, I'm loving this lovely warm weather and the beautiful scnerey surrounding me at home and especially at work. I work on what is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful university campuses in Europe up here in Stirling. Want a peak - go here?

Facebook - I've found so many of my crafty pals from the Docrafts forum lurking on Facebook and now, as of today, we have a new fun home on Facebook - communication is a wonderful thing - great for the soul!

Talking of craft, I've been working on a secret project all week, something a little different from me - decided to give the paper and scissors a rest for a short time. It reminds me that I forgot to take photos of the scrapbook I did for my dad for Fathers' Day - will do that this weekend and post it for your comments.

This week started really badly for me. Without going into any great details, I was hit by a bit of a panic attack over an issue I've always just gone along with. It's one of those things that's always there, you deal with it and keep going but you tend to avoid dwelling on it. Then one day it creeps up and lodges itself at the forefront of your mind where you just can't shake it. I'm sure we all have or have had these things. Well, mine came to visit on Tuesday and I offer my thanks to my gorgeous friend Nikki for being in the right place at the right time and rescuing me quietly and without fuss. Love you Nikki.

Finally, so glad to be taking part in this year's Graduation ceremonies and honoured to have been asked to lead out the academic procession at two of the ceremonies this year A real honour and so lovely to be taking part in the highlight of the University year. As long as I don;t trip and land flat on my face all will be well LOL!! Flat shoes that day methinks.

Right, dear reader, off you go and catch up with my other Friday Rockettes as Virginia call us.

Take care.


Friday, 18 June 2010

What's Rocking Your Friday?

It's days like today on which I feel the real value of participating in WRYF and am grateful to Virginia for initiating the whole wonderful thing. I urge you dear blogger to join in if you haven't already. It's got to be good for the soul!!!

I'm so grateful to the wonderful world of the web. It allows us all to have glimpses, large and small into the lives of those around us, near and far, differing in culture, nationality and existence. Part of this joyous exploration is finding like-minded people, and also the realisation that you're never as alone as you had perhaps believed.

Next, to my work colleagues and friends among them, for making me smile when I think I've forgotten how to. They are a wonderful bunch of academics who combine their academia with high-level sporting achievement, firm social conscience and often the most amazing sense of humour. They accept my for who I am, in so many ways diametrically different from them on a physical and psychological level. Thanks guys one and all.

Again, as always, I express my love and gratitude to the staff at my son's school who have again this week been so supportive to us all as a family, but more so in their education, protection and care of my darling son on all possible levels. It's been a hell of a week but nobody's died so we live to fight another week.

On a crafty point of view, I thank all those individuals who share their beliefs, loves, aspirations and achievements in their blogs. One of my current favourite heroes is Suze Weinberg. I love the way she writes of her diverse interests, love of her family and the way she shares all this unstintingly.

Finally, my darling Dad. Who constantly reminds me in his quiet way to never give up, to hold belief, and that I am loved. Thanks Dad.

Right - time to get on.

Hugs and sparkles to you dear reader.


Friday, 11 June 2010


I'm conscious that at times in this world it's all too easy to become moany, obsessive, introspective and generally ungrateful. Well I'm damned sure I must appear that way to a lot of people a lot of time. I think joining Rocking Your World Friday will be good therapy for these nasty little habits.

So........... today it goes like this:

At 4 o'clock last night I became eternally grateful to the designers at Archos who came up with this little beauty

I bought this for DS some months ago as he loves his gadgets and especially those which offer visual stimulation and whose function he can control infinitely. He is a control junky in the extreme but perhaps that's more than his autism.

Anyway, after much pulling of hair, screaming and gnashing of teeth, I am finally able to download all his favourite Youtube clips via Cnet, convert them into AVI format from MP4, and pop them onto this little gadget. He finally got to view it yesterday when OH went to see him down at school. Verdict - thumbs up (Ross is pretty non-verbal). It's not often I feel that I've done something in his life which I think he truly appreciates, but I get the impression Ross might think his mum has a purpose in life other than to make him sausages and chips on demand!!!

Next - so grateful to be alive and have my nearest and dearest around me. We, as a family, lost someone very close to us this week and the funeral was today. A stark reminder. Over.

My crafting - generally a hit or miss affair but it helps me to focus. When i craft, nothing else gets in the way. I'm out of the house, in my own little world and the house's other inhabitants know better than to disrupt me.

Finally, with the thought of a big review on Monday, to the absolutely stunningly fabulous staff at my son's school. I give them total responsibility for my son's safety, education and social and moral welfare for 11 days out of 14 and he now has more mums and dads (in the nicest possible way) than any little one deserves. They all bring their own brand of humour, compassion and experience into this little boy's life and I love each and everyone of them.

How's this for a first effort?