The Big Trip

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Work, Snow and More Snow

Hi Bloggers

Just a quickie from the frozen north. The photos I have to confess are courtesy of one of my work colleagues - what a clever girl! The main image at top is view from the back of my office and the rest are University wildlife of the non-student type!!!

We are now well into our fourth week of the cold white stuff and although I have to admit that it's very pretty - it's none too practical with Santa due.

Catch you all (hopefully) for a WRYF on Friday.



Friday, 10 December 2010

What's Rocking My Friday? A Snow Angel Perhaps?

Hi there bloggers

Well I know I've been a really naughty blogger so hands up to that one! We have been a bit beleaguered up here due the the very vast amount of white stuff that landed on us. If you saw on the news on Monday with features about the motorway closures and other hardships in Central Scotland, well I was right in the middle of it all!!!

It really has caused absolutely everything in life to go a bit haywire and I suppose I'm just grateful that I've been able to make it into work every day though I suspect it was 90% stupidity and 10% bravery on some occasions.

We eat, sleep, live and breathe football at work (well most people, me not included) and even today the pitches all remain under several feet of snow. A friend of mine ventured up to the top of the campus the other day and left an angel to watch over the pitches!!! What do you think?

Our darling boy came home on schedule last Friday and, because of the weather, hasn't been able to get back south so I have to be grateful that he's happy about that LOL! However, come Monday he's going back come hail, sun, flood or blizzard - I suspect he won't be quite as happy then.

I would like to send out a massive thank you to the people who responded to my request for Christmas cards to seel at the school. Although I hate to pick out any one individual, I must send out a massive overseas thank you to Valerie who posted the most gorgeous pack of cards. Each and everyone is a work of art. You really need to visit her blog and express your appreciation of this lady's work - she is a true artist! Thank you so much again Val.

I am grateful that the snow is now subsiding and I will be able, tomorrow, to make a very belated concentrated effort to complete my Christmas shopping. There are some things that the internet just doesn't fix for me so it's time to hit the shopping mall.

Right, short and sweet yet again so I will finish off my asking that you keep yourselves safe, healthy and as happy as possible at this rather fraught time.