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Friday, 19 August 2011

What's Rocking Your Friday (and the Friday before that, and the Friday before that.........)

Firstly a big grovelling apology for the lack of posting, and a complimentary drink of your choice because you're going to need it if you stick with this post to the end!!!

Beginning of June saw OH and I off to have tea with the Queen! My Head of School had nominated me to attend this year (my first ever nomination I hasten to add) amd I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive an invitation.

One particular entry in the Royal calendar reads thus: Each year, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh entertain around 8,000 guests from all walks of Scottish life at a Garden Party in the spectacular grounds of the Palace, which stands at the end of Edinburgh's Royal Mile. The guests enjoy tea in the gardens accompanied by music from regimental bands and The Royal Scottish Pipers Society. King George V and Queen Mary held the first garden party in the grounds of Holyroodhouse and the tradition has been maintained ever since.

The powers that be obviously didn't realise that they were inviting a scrapper (amd upsetting her) when they continued the ban on cameras and mobile phones. at least I know that we were there and have the posh letter of invitation to show for it (and the sore feet at the end of the day). The sun shone, it was a fabulous occasion for people-watching and, all in all, it was just a lovely afternoon which we'll long remember.

End od June saw the University's usual well-oiled machine taking over for four Graduation ceremonies. Of very great excitement to many although a little lost on me, was the conferment of an honorary University Doctorate on Sir Alex Ferguson. As an usher and met the man and found him very pleasant and down to earth and he gave a really good speech on behalf of the graduands on the merits of hard work, self-motivation and basically "got out there and use what you've worked for because no-one's going to do it for you!!". Not an elegant summary but you get the gist of it. And just for the benefit of the marvellous SusieJ here's the man on the day

July started off with major hospital visits for our darling boy and my mum at separate hospitals on the same day but with very different outcomes. Ross passed his eight month endocrine review with flying colours. Suffice it to say that his consultant (who's known hi since birth) was delighted to see a tall, lanky, spotty teenager walk into the clinic. For Ross it means that puberty has kicked in without the need for hormone replacement therapy assistance. We hope that he'll continue to produce sufficient to see him through puberty and out the other side bur he'll remain uder review for a few years yet. So three cheers for the boy!!

My precious mum, however, discovered on the same day that she needed to have at least part, if not all, of one of her kidneys removed. It came as a real shock to us all but the hospital staff have been great and are planning to carry out surgery at the beginning of September when she returns from Norway.

You may remember a few posts back that Ross was admitted to hospital and has been continuing to undergo tests as he continues to produce spectacular black urine. Well, he went back to Yorkhill in Glasgow at the beginning of August and met the renal team for the first time, the Haematologists having satisfied themselves that, from their side of things, there was no significant malignant cause for these symptoms despite proof that it is an ongoing and consistent feature. Long story cut short with the renal team - the bold boy will undergo renal biopsy in October once his Granny is safely over her procedure. The team at Yorkhill think it is just a really unfortunate coincidence with Granny and Ross and were able to reassure Granny about that as she had come with me to take Ross to the Renal Clinic. So now we sit and wait and keep everything crossed for Mum.

Mum's news certainly made me realise yet again how very precious she is to us all and I took the opportunity to arrange a wee treat for her. She got a new camera at Christmas and hadn't really had a chance to get to grips with it. While blog hopping a few weeks ago I noticed that Kirsty Wiseman was coming to Edinburgh to do a group photo lesson at the beginning of August so I duly booked Mum and I on it. Come the day the rain was chucking it down but we still had a fab day and we learned loads. The other girls were lovely and I managed to get a couple of decent shots but I really lovethis one of my mum and Kirsty. (Click on Kirsty's nameto get her account of the day!!

Kirsty took this one of mum and I. I really truly hate having my photo taken but here it is anyway!!

Spending so much time on appointments with Ross has meant that I've used up a great many holidays travelling to various parts of the country and not really had any time off with the opportunity to just do what I would have liked. However this week saw me off on holiday, no hospitals to visit, my baby's 14th birthday and Mum and Dad in Norway on their cruise of the fjords.

Here's my boy yesterday when we went down to the school to spend his birthday with him.

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To all the marvellous bloggers who make me smile, make me laugh, and give me inspiration - no names mentioned - too many to mention. Andthat reminds me, amidst the chaos and mayhem of recent months I have managed a very little crafting so have a peek at the slide show above. Some little books for our three Graduate Assistnats at work who leave us after two years of work and studying for their MSc's.

To the above mentioned Susie for keeping me supplied with sequels - time spent reading is my guaranteed shill time, Thanks again Susie, you're a star!

To my workmates who've put up with me in recent months when I've not been quite the little bundle and sweetness and light that I'd like to be.

To the various hospital staff supporting us all in recent months and in the months to come - there are no words.

Our darling daughter who at 15 seems to take everything in her stride, apparently going on the theory that if we tell her everything and always tell the truth then she's fine with it all. I love her to the sky and back and hope she knows it.

To the staff at Daldorch for ........... everything.

For the joy of BT Vision which let me record Twilight (despite owning the DVD) and the joy of sitting watching on on a Friday morning when I really should be doing "H" or "I" stuff but really can't be bothered - and to Alexandra for encouraging me LOL!!!

The joy of mum's homemade wholemeal bread, Lurpak and homemade bramble jelly and a big mug of tea - I seriously need to learn to become less high maintenance.

I'm sure there are many things I've forgotten but at the risk of boring you any further dear reader, I'll finish now.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope it's not another three months before my next post.