The Big Trip

Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday - where has the week gone?

Good morning Rockettes and bloggers alike, and welcome.

This morning finds the skies clear with just a few clouds although I gather it's not so great in other parts of the country,so fingers crossed it reaches you all this weekend. Good weather always makes me feel that little bit brighter, sort of lifts the spirits a bit, despite whatever else is going on.

First on my list is my fab few days up in St Andrews with my mum and Alexandra. We had decided to take the big tent (6 man) for just the three of us and we eventually set off with the car packed to the gunwales on Sunday lunch-time and got there just an hour and a half later. We booked into a gorgeous site just three miles outside of St Andrews in a small village called Strathkinness.

It's a small but very pretty village, beautifully maintained with flower baskets and tubs everywhere. It's a common feature of these East Fife villages and make driving around this area a real pleasure.

Anyway, we had a few fab days and St Andrews was looking at its best for the many,many tourists who were thronging the place.

We had a fab few days wandering around, visiting the usual attractions, doing some shopping (more on that shortly!), eating and generally just chilling.

On the shopping front, some of my crafty buddies will know that if I have a real weakness in life, other than for stash, it's for handbags. On Tuesday I found myself standing outside a shop called Ness. Now, I'm proud to be a Scot and love tartan in the right context but wouldn't sell my soul for it. However ........ must to the amusement of Mum and Alexandra, I was literally stopped in my tracks by a bag and knew that I had to have it, right reason or none.

Needless to say the bag came home with me and I adore it. Each to their own and all that.

Well, we had a fab time and came back on Wednesday, more out of necessity than desire it has to be said.

Today, a big day. My darling some comes home today and will be with us until next Thursday. During that time he'll have his 13th birthday. Where does the time go?

Yesterday was spent finalising my daughter's courses for her Highers (Scottish term, not sure of English equivalent), collecting her new school blazer, catching up on housework and the dreaded "i" word - sorry if you're reading this Sue-Bubbles! However, it's all done now so I can settle to the joys of the day with a clear conscience. For one day only I am, to all intents and purposes, a domestic goddess!!!

Another grateful, and a really big one, is to my darling husband who stayed at home while we girls went gallivanting. He was well aware that I wouldn't go away while Ross was in school and have no-one on-call at home for the school. Although we were only another hour and a half further away from the school, I just wouldn't have risked it. Thank you Jim - you spoil your girls!

Facebook - I know people have mixed opinions on this subject. I personally love it for the ability it gives me to maintain relationships so easily over distance and time. Facebook on mobile web is even better when you're travelling and arranging to meet with friends.

Right - crafty stuff planned next week when I'm not dancing attendance on my darling boy. Alexandra starts back school on Wednesday and other than the trauma of finding shoes for a child who has ankles like a sparrow at the age of 14 years and 11 months - I think we're all sorted.

This post's been a bit of a ramble so if you've made it this far, congratulations and thank you for sticking with it.

Until the next time, and don't forget to pop over and visit Virginia at the Celtic House. Even better - why don't you join us - it's good for the soul!!



  1. Hi Gill

    It is good for the soul isn't it - I glanced out this morning and we've got rain so if you can send some of your sunshine our way I'd be most grateful!

    I love all your gratefuls this week, the handbag is gorgeous and i'm not suprirsed that you couldn't leave it in the shop! I love the beach shot at St Andrews - now there is a gorgeous photo if ever I saw one!

    I big shout out for hubby to allow the girlies time away - awesome stuff and an even bigger shout out for you this week having son at home - I hope the time is truly precious for you all.

    We've got a wedding to attend tomorrow so fingers crossed we have some blue skies to help the day along!

    Sending you hugs this Friday morning, thank you for sharing


  2. fab list gill and sounds as if you had a lovely time away (love the bag). I remember going to St Andrews camping when I was a child, loved it, so beautiful...

    have a fun week with Ross and hope all goes well with Alexandra and school...

    maria x

    PS... and TOTALLY understand where you're coming from with leaving hubby at home with the phone cos of son, hugs...

  3. I love the bag! You photos are fantastic. Have a great time with your son home for his birthday.
    Jackie :-)

  4. Hi Gill

    Great rambling list today! So glad to hear that you had a lovely little break, and I'm loving your new handbag (I'm quite partial to a bit of tartan myself now and again, and I'm not at all Scottish!!!)

    I hope you will have a lovely birthday week with Ross and good luck to Alexandra for going back to school - also hoping that you get a little bit of time to craft!

    Hugs - Carole xxx