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Monday, 31 January 2011

Cola and the white stuff!!!!!

Sorry dear follower

Haven't meant to neglect you but life's just been a tad on the hectic side for the past couple of months.

To start with we had snow on the ground from 29th November constantly right through to about 7th January. Made for very time-consuming work just getting to and from work and daily with other routine activities which meant leaving the house. In the midst of the white stuff and I two car-related incidents. In the first I collided with another car on packed ice but no-one was hurt so that was fine and the financial penalty wasn't too severe. Several weeks later on the same road I collided with a brick wall - no cars around this time! That one really shook my confidence a fair bit but needs must and so I carried on driving through all the horrible white stuff until it finally disappeared.

Christmas came and went with it's usual highlight - hostage-taking of all the wrapped presents under the tree on Christmas morning!!! I know, I know - it could only happen in our house when you have a 13 year old like Ross. Thank goodness Alexandra was up before him that morning and managed to stash away her pressies and goodies before he came downstairs.

Dinner at my parents on Boxing Day saw only Alexandra and I in attendance from our house as Ross had been unwell overnight on Christmas night and we didn't want to risk passing it on to the rest of the family.

The day after Boxing Day saw me confined to bed with flu for five days but fortunately Ross was due back t school that morning until New Years Eve so mixed blessings there - everything happens for a reason you know!

New Year came and went (not a big fan of it) and before I knew it we were all back to work and school - where had the time gone?

Returned to work at it's normal pace despite the continuing sub-zero temps and ice and snow. Novelty had definitely worn off by this time - that had been more than a month!

Then to crown it all, on 19th January Ross was rushed into hospital in Kilmarnock with some very strange and worrying symptoms including totally black urine!!!!!!! It was literally the colour of cola. Staff in Crosshouse Children's ward were fabulous, as were the school staff who joined us on rotation to help out with the bold boy who had decided that no medicine was going to be take, only one blood sample was allowed and anyone who tried to persuade him differently was cancelled from his Christmas list!!! Finally it was decided that he should return to school, being reasonably well in himself despite the spectacular symptoms.

Five days later we got good news from Glasgow that the most worrying possibility for the aforementioned "water colour" had been ruled out. Such a relief, I'm sure you can imagine. However the fact remains that there is something very strange and obviously concerning with the prodigal child and so we await a visit to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow for further thoughts from their eminent Haematology team. That should be interesting given Ross's aversion to needle sand pain!!! Imagine the difficulty you have getting a tablet down your cat's throat - multiply the physical effort (including scratching, kicking pushing and shoving) involved by about 30 and divide the outcome by at least half and you've got some idea of what we're up against!!!

He's been home this weekend past and is reasonably ok but many of you will recognise that feeling as a parent when you just know that although they seem ok, there's something not quite right? Well that's the one we and school staff have so it's really a waiting game.

At the risk of sounding like an utter and complete moaning minny, there is some good news. Many of you will be aware that I was invited to appear on The Hour, a programme broadcast north of the border on weeknights at 5 p.m. I'll be on on 10th February with an amazing guy from Aberdeen University, who goes by the name of James. If you want to know more about James click here - it's fascinating stuff. I'll be on talking a little of Ross's life and it's different path from that James experienced.

Scottish TV came out to film at the school with Ross and I last week and suffice it to say that he was an absolute star - you know the way children have of proving you wrong? Well my little man did exactly what was asked of him on demand with hardly a blip far less a tantrum or outburst. It should make for an interesting piece of film and I think the whole studio piece will do a fair bit to raise further awareness of the condition that is autism, in all it's shapes and forms.

I couldn't finish the post without sending out a massive load of thanks to my many craft buddies who were so fabulous and supportive during the days of waiting - one of the glories of t'internet. They helped the long days and nights to pass just that little more easily and bolstered my often flagging spirits. You know who you are girls, each and everyone of you. And to the marvellous Susie for being her usual self and supplying me with new reading material for when sleep eludes me. Susie, you are a total star.

Right, dear reader. At the risk of having bored you rigid - that or feel positively suicidal, I shall go now as I hear the kettle boiling - yippee - tea and bed and a good book for a while - simple pleasures girls.

Take care all and remember - be kind to all you meet for everyone is facing a battle!!!