The Big Trip

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Work, Snow and More Snow

Hi Bloggers

Just a quickie from the frozen north. The photos I have to confess are courtesy of one of my work colleagues - what a clever girl! The main image at top is view from the back of my office and the rest are University wildlife of the non-student type!!!

We are now well into our fourth week of the cold white stuff and although I have to admit that it's very pretty - it's none too practical with Santa due.

Catch you all (hopefully) for a WRYF on Friday.




  1. How can we complain about the snow when it looks this beautiful? How lucky are you to have THAT view?!!! I'm sure that Santa's sleigh will go much better with the snow than without!

    Happy Christmas Gill!!!

    Hugs - Carole xxx

  2. lovely photos gill...

    and YEAH see it's nearly down to double fingers for your holiday...

    maria xx

  3. What lovely photos! Snow always looks so pretty, just not nice if you have to travel around in it!
    Have a nice Xmas and Happy New Year, Hugs, Valerie

  4. how's things with you and the family gill?

    maria xxx