The Big Trip

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Going back with some good news

Dear Aunt Anna and Uncle Bob

Even after 23 years there's still a hardly day goes by that I don't think of you both, especially when, like yesterday, something happens which I know would have pleased you both so much. I phoned Mum to tell her about my totally unexpected invitation to the Royal Garden Party in July and without thinking I said to her that you would have been so pleased and she totally agreed. You brought Mum up as your own when you had no children and she had no parents. You taught all of us your core values and you will be glad that they've stayed with us.

With Ross, Aunt Anna, I often wonder what your take would have been with him. You were a true and dedicated teacher and I suspect you would have loved some of the challenges he presents, and loved him regardless. I've no idea how many times I have wished I could lift the phone to you or drive out to the house at Barnock for tea and reassurance. I loved the summer especially when we could sit out in Uncle Bob's precious rose gardens and listen to the total quiet - no traffic, just the sounds of the cattle and birds.

You gave me my love of crafting and reading and these remain two of my biggest passions to this day. How Mum gave you rows for spending so much money on books for me, and how we laughed when you took no notice and carried on anyway!!! You always believed that books were an investment in the future. I have to say though, I think you would have loved the internet - access to all kinds of wonderful things. I suspect you would have been the silver surfer to beat them all. How could you have been anything else with you own education at Oxford then Loughborough and the years spent guiding all those young minds. As a head teacher you were so so hands on. I remember staying with you on local holiday weekends and because the school was in a different area from where we lived at home, you made me attend class at Barnock anyway!!! 15 kids, primary 1 to primary 7 all in one class - an amazing experience.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I chose to write this other than to say that I still miss and love you both and wanted to pass on my news.