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Friday, 24 September 2010

What's Rockin' Your Friday

Sorry bloggers and Rockettes alike

Have been a bad blogger. This has partly been due to being busy and partly a bit of apathy. When I received a message from Maria, posting me missing, I knew it was time to take time out and get my blogging act back together!

Still phenomenally busy at work and at home. I suppose my first grateful has to be that there are so many students wanting to come to us here in Stirling and wanting to study/participate in sport and that keeps me in a living!!!

In the last two weeks I've done a couple of return trips to Newcastle (3 hours each way) with my mum and dad who were away on a cruise which took in Germany, Denmark, Russia and other places although not in the particular order. It was lovely to hear what a fab time they had although after the Force 10 gale on the trip home I suspect they were glad to be back on dry ground!

I am grateful to my wide and extended family who keep in touch through the phenomenon that is Facebook and thought I'd share this fab photo which my cousin posted of the Northern Lights.

How marvellous a sight must that have been? For the record, Darren is a trawlerman and sails the wild north sea, often as far as Iceland!!!!!!!

Today is a good day as it is a second Friday and I am always grateful on these Fridays as they bring my precious boy home to me for the weekend. He has been treading an anxious path of late at school and has been heavily reliant on the love and support of his team of staff to see him through his dark days and nights. It is a worrying time for all who know and love Ross and it's at these times that I admit to hating having him away from home, no matter how necessary. So my biggest grateful, yet again, is to that marvellous bunch.

Crafting has been a seldom seen activity in the last couple of weeks but I should have another layout to show this weekend which will celebrate my darling daughter's 15th birthday. Where on earth does the time go?

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that Christmas is making it's presence know. I remember hearing someone utter at some point that is was only 100 days until Christmas. There has been some fabulous blogging activity recently with people making use of freebie papers from Scrapbook Magazine and in particular I commend the work of my buddies Sue and Alma. Well done ladies - your work is so so fabulous as ever!!!!!!!!! I had a little browse on the web for Christmas inspiration the other day and found these gorgeous papers from Kaiserkraft - how gorgeous are they?

I feel a little spend coming up when payday arrives!!

Okay peeps - time to get on but at least my blogging conscience is clear. Why don't you hop on over to Virginia's blog and see who else is grateful for what - it's always an uplifting read.

TTFN and take care.



  1. Well done for Rocking this week - sounds like you're really busy! Those papers are indeed yum-scrum, but I'm still in denial about Christmas so i won't be needing them any time soon!

    Have a lovely weekend with your precious children.


  2. HI Gill your post is beautiful - the photo of the Northern Lights absolute bliss hun - gorgeousness! Hope you have blessed weekend with your son home!



  3. Yay! The elusive Gill is back in the land of blogging! Great list, especially the Facebook bit --poke--!!! Enjoy your weekend with Ross.

    Hugs - Carole xxx

  4. Hello Gill, hope all is well with your precious boy this weekend. Love those papers! Do I need them?....
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Jackie :-)

  5. YEAH!!!! you're back gill...great to see you posting again...

    sending you tons of sparkles for your weekend, and your daughters forth coming birthday (yes were does the time go)... have a fab week, hugs...

    maria x

  6. PS forgot to say what a fab photo of the Northern Lights, it's something I would love to see (especially when I'm seeing them most days on Balamory Christmas DVD with steven, lol)...xx

  7. Good to see you back Gill (poke!) and what a fabulous picture of the Northern Lights.
    Have a great weekend with Ross and a happy birthday to your daughter.
    Sue xx