The Big Trip

Friday, 1 May 2009

Total Wipeout !!!

Afternoon All

Such exciting news. One of my work colleagues, Rona, the loveliest, smiliest happiest person you could ever hope to meet, is flying our to Argentina tomorrow (Saturday) to compete in Total Wipeout. If you haven't already seen it, this programme has to be one of the best bits of television to hit our Saturday evening screens in a very long time. Certainly in our house we love it and Ross in particular just adores it and sits glued to his seat while it's on. Here at work we are all so proud of Rona and have no doubt that she will do fantastically well. Needless to say she is physically fit in the extreme and has been training like a good one of late since it was confirmed that she had been picked. Here at Stirling we all love our Rona and can't wait to hear how she gets on. I'll let you know when her particular episode is being put on air. By the way, she's doing all this while she trains for the Albert Bartlett Edinburgh Marathon on 31st May. La buena suerte mi chica y toma cuidado.

More later on more mortal deeds peeps - just wanted to post this for Rona in lieu of a Good Luck card!!!



  1. good luck from me too rona...

    (sorry don't watch it though, steven prefers teletubbies, lol)...

    maria x

  2. How cool is this?....... I wish her all the best and hope at the very least she gets through to at least have a chance of winning.

    T x

  3. good luck Rona...

  4. wow good luck rona, we love Total Wipeout here and have often wished we could have a family day out there! now wouldnt that be fun,

    i'll be cheering you on from my settee. xx