The Big Trip

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Good Luck book and a silver lining

Have been way too tired over the last week to even drop a blog line over the past week. OH has been working lates and have been running about after DD and trying to keep on top of housework and working some long days etc.

Anyway, on the bright side this has been Ross's weekend home which is always a joy, bless him. He continues to make progress and finally seems to be acquiring the better quality of life which is his due.

At work, we are losing one of our grads (graduate assistants) - Rona. She's off to work with the Minister for Sport in Zambia - how's that for different? It's not her first trip out there and I know she'll do a fab job - she's a wonderful girl. So come Tuesday, no more Rona and I for one will miss her perennially smiling face and infective laugh.

I was asked to make a leaving card for Rona for Tuesday - aaargh. As you'll know, I'm no cardmaker. I'm well aware that there's be a lot of people who will want to leave a message for Rona, so I decided to make a little book with plenty of journalling sports for people to scribble on. There are also plenty of little tags for people to use for their messages. The papers are from a Zen Garden kit which I got ages ago from QVC. I have it in red and blue and opted to use the blue papers for this little book. I managed to get this done over this weekend - think I work better under pressure. I think this also qualifies me for the "Using old stash" challenge over on Docrafts. Excuse the poor quality photos - fading light and shaky hands don't do the work any favours. See what you think below - comments good and constructive welcome!!!

Now for the silver lining bit of the evening. Those of you with a weak disposition turn away now though!!!! In school this week Ross has been sick a couple of times although appeared to be neither up nor down in between thee bouts. Anyway, yesterday I was in the sitting room when I heard him belting to the bathroom, and then an ominous cough and splash!. Poor little soul was really quite sick but not distressed. I hear you asking where the silver lining bit is to this story. Well, Ross is now 11 and a half years old and really struggles with personal care matters. He would until recently have been sick where he was, but seems to have learned very quickly about the appropriate place for this - given his autism, this is a really major achievement so another three cheers for the boy!!!! He's been fine today so hopefully the bug or whatever it is is passing.
As I type I'm watching Britain's Got Talent and as a true Scot I have to support Susan Boyle but boy, those dancers - Diversity - were just fabulous. I did think Susan was a bit nervous, but once she got into her stride we were reminded of why she caused such a stir in the auditions - and SHE's THROUGH TO THE FINAL - well done Susan!!!!! Diversity have just been voted through by the judges - well done boys!
This week looks like being another busy one as OH is working late every night so it will be up to me to run around after DD for various music lessons, Guides, athletics etc. No rest up at the weekend as I've got a busy day Saturday and DD is running in Race for Life on Sunday in Falkirk . Hoping to spend Friday night down at the school with Ross all being well and time allowing.
Back to work for me tomorrow and Ross is back to school, as is Alexandra. No half-term up here but at least the weekend has been dry and warmish for the dreaded w*****g.
Hope you've all enjoyed the weekend and the sun has shone for you. Must go get organised for the day to come.


  1. Beautiful book Gill. Glad to hear Ross is on the nd now, poor fella.

  2. What a fabulous idea for a leaving book - it's gorgeous Gill!
    Hope Ross is feeling better now.
    Sue xx

  3. Your book is lovely, and a great use for these double sided papers!