The Big Trip

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Happy Birthday Jude!!!

In true awards fashion I'm going to work through time backwards since the last post.

Firstly, tomorrow if a dear friend's birthday, so Happy Birthday Jude for tomorrow, and I still find your confession about going to the dogs amusing. For those of you not familiar with Edinburgh, The Dogs is a restaurant and not a self-deprecating remark by Jude, funny and amusing as she is!! Have a lovely evening Jude and bring your precious boy in to see me again soon. Anyway, was driven to making a birthday card as it was too late to find a nice shop-bought (sweary words I know) one by the time I finished work tonight. Came up with this effort using my beloved K & Co's Blue Awning. Needless to say the selflessness of this sacrifice of one of my most beloved papers will be totally lost on the recipient LOL!!! Sue-Bubbles you know who you are and you will vouch for my sacrifice!

Also, Happy Birthday to step-daughter Suzie, for yesterday (told you I was working backwards!!!

Yesterday saw Ross heading back to school after a lovely peaceful weekend at home. Peaceful and Ross aren't two words I would usually use in the same sentence so it was indeed a weekend to be celebrated. Major achievement for all parties involved was Ross allowing me to give him a haircut (No. 4 clippers all over, with zero blade trim round the edges!). This had to be done as Ross was in danger of adopting his look-alike persona of Elvis!! Ross was one of those children who had to be given his first haircut immediately prior to his christening aged 11 weeks or the minister would have struggled to find his face. This is a pretty remarkable achievement as Ross is one of those individuals for whom a haircut is regarded as something, quite literally, as something akin to physical assault, except in autism it's probably actually more of a sensory assault which is a step too far. Anyway, I digress, as usual.

The weekend was spent in a haze of sleep, housework, time with Ross and watching TV. I've decided one of my new heroes is Marco Pierre White - you've just got to love the guy. He's nothing if not honest and I personally find him very endearing.

I also found time since last posting to visit Foxcraft Cards to order this cute little stamp as quite a few of our part-time staff at work graduate this summer and cards will be in order.

I logged onto Docrafts last night and the ladies of the scrapbooking forum are having a right royal debate about whether or not to buy the Brenda Pinnick Scrapper Keeper kit which they've all been waiting on coming over the from QVC USA. I personally am feeling more than a wee bit tempted and I know several ladies have confessed on UK Scrappers to already having made the purchase far ahead of the much awaited QVC Craft Day this Sunday.

Right, need to go and phone school to check on Ross. Two and a half years down the line and we still phone morning and night to check on our precious boy - it's just a slightly different way of life now. Thank goodness for free evening and weekend calls!


Definitely for the off, so take care ladies, and sparkles to you all.



  1. As someone who until last christmas HATED the hair dressers and had to be physcially held in the chair I understand how Ross feels and don't blame him in the slightest!

    Love the card you made!

  2. oh gill, so pleased you had a peaceful weekend, and with ross having a hair cut too, that is fab news as I know how it can affect special people...

    I can fully understand the phone calls, big {{{HUGS)}}} coming your way...

    maria x