The Big Trip

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

It's good to try something new

Evening all

Another busy day in the midst of what is turning into a hectic ole' week. As I said yesterday I thought I'd dip my toe into the world of water colouring. I treated myself to some WH Smith watercolour pencils and sat myself down last night and gave it a bash with some Tilda images. Has to be said I think the images looked a lot cuter before I got the paintbrush and pencils on them though!! If any of you have any ideas about where I'm going wrong or how I can improve them then fire away - I'm all ears.

I've had to arrange to take time out later this week to go back down to the school (another 120 mile round trip) as OH who usually makes the trip is working late and Ross will expect someone there so can't let the little soul down. I have to admit it will be lovely to have him all to myself as he id a definite Daddy's Boy and will generally walk over fire if it means getting past me to get to his beloved Dad LOL!!!
Also have to help Alexandra get organised for Guide Camp this weekend (fingers crossed for dry weather) and am rapidly running out of time to get all the things organised that need to done. Something's got to give and looks like it may be my precious Wednesday night swimming 1:1 lesson - sorry Sue.
Must remember and say that I'm delighted to see one of my favourite ladies, Gina, back on the Docrafts forum tonight - but just take it easy Gina, you don't want a relapse!!!

Bagged myself a bargain this morning, a snake LED torch thingy for my laptop, free and with no P&P - go to Grab It Now. Found out about this site from one of the girls over on UK Scrappers and think I will be waiting for my morning emails to see what's on offer each day. Let me know how you get on if any of you decide to give it a whirl.
Got another lovely free download this morning from Tinker & Co, just perfect for summer, so why don't you pop over and have a nose. Some beautiful images and matching papers available.
Must go and get on so take care all.


  1. gill, i love them. you have done some lovely work. i think il have ago at these myself. im really impressed.
    gina xxxxxx

  2. These are lovely Gill Well done

    T x