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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Come in Number 1366 and your time is.....

Evening all

Yet again I've been a bad blogger and committed nothing to the ether for about a week. Why - too busy living but not doing anything of any real interest.
Today however, a couple of things of interest to some though probably not all.

Firstly Alexandra took part in the Falkirk Race For Life on the most gorgeous morning imaginable, if a bit hot for a 5k run. It was her first run and she took part in the LHS Babes Team (LHS being Larbert High School) and she came in inn just over 35 minutes. Not bad for her first run and the really high temps, especially up in the forest parts.

I've done the race a couple of times myself and never cease to be overwhelmed by the emotion of the whole event. You can't help but read the comments on the runners vests but I try so hard not to for fear of ending up a blubbering wreck.

Anyway I'm so proud of my girl and even more amazed that she belted looking to the finishing line looking as cool and composed as when she's started. I'd have been a greasy little puddle!!!

My girl - No 1366 of 2,200.

What else? Oh yes, just for my mate Sue Bubbles and her kitty Bubbles, I've finally remembered to blog a photo of the King of Cool - Charlie Parker

In the absence of Ross, this is the real man of the house. He really likes to think he rules the roost. We got him as a rescue cat about 7-8 years ago and uses up his lives on a regular basis and just keeps on going. He is Alexandra's cat really and loves his girl and sleeps at the bottom of her bed - waiting until she's asleep then circling round and round until the poor girl is squashed against the wall on about 6 inches of bed and this big furry brute has all the rest to himself. He is considerate however, and doesn't wake her at 4 in the morning to get out - oh no, he comes to me for that one!!
Anyway, not a particularly awesome post but had to be done!
Take care


  1. Welldone to your lovely daughter on her Race for Life...they look like they had lots of fun, I bet the atmosphere was just wonderful!
    And hellloooo Charlie Parker...Daisy is on my lap, I think she is smitten lol! He is a fine figure of a kitty and you can see he is SO much in charge!
    Hugs & sparkles, Sue x

  2. well done to your daughter gill, can understand you being proud of her....

    maria x