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Sunday, 10 May 2009

A bit of this, a bit of that, and nothing in particular

Well, my good intentions about regular blogging seem to have gone right out the window this week. However, a good friend from the Docrafts forum has been poorly this week and unable to access her computer so I thought I'd do my bit for when she's able to come on and catch up.

Work has been busy with long days and especially Wednesday when he had the annual Dumyat Hill Run. History on Uni website reads

"This race was created by a member of the Psychology Department. A £1 bet was placed that no member of the University could, without mechanical assistance, do the return trip from the Gannochy Pavilion bar to Dumyat in less than an hour. On Graduation Day 1971 the £1 bet was lost by 3 minutes. The first 'official' race was held in 1972. The event is now held annually on the first or second Wednesday evening in May. It attracts over 150 runners. The event is integrated into the Scottish Hill Running Calendar and it attracts professional runners and a number of students and staff. This year's event on Wednesday 6 May 2009 attracted 258 entries."

Well that kept me occupied until late on on Wednesday night as despite the pouring rain we had a really big turnout and I do all the entries and compute all the finishing times.

The rest of the week has been what can best be described as a bit of a guddle. My motivation seems to have all but vanished and I've been a crabbit witch at times.

The highlight of the week, obviously, was Ross's arrival home on Friday afternoon and he has been on really good form over the weekend with very little in the way of temper or aggressive behaviour. He's been really funny as well. I don't know if you remember the "Kanine Krunchies" song from 101 Dalmatians? Well he's been singing that all weekend in this high pitched wee voice - so cute.

In an effort to banish the gloom today I've been a regular domestic goddess and got the ironing up to date - no mean feat let me tell you considering how much I loathe and detest it.

When I finish here I'm going to plonk myself down and watch The Da Vinci Code. I have never read the book but have strangely enough just finished Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. that took me a while to gt into but once there I had difficulty putting it down. A fabulous read with a real twist towards the end. It was so good that I don;t think I'll bother going to see the film as I don't see a way in which it could truly positively reflect the book. As I haven't read TDVC I'm happy enough to watch the film and may even borrow my dad's copy of the book if I enjoy the film.

We have a big day coming off tomorrow and I suspect that's what's been at the back of my mind this week with theresulting bad humour but will fill you in on that tomorrow.

Final message is to Gina who knows who she is. Sorry you'vebeen under the weather but by the time you read this you'll be feeling better so don't go overding it girl!!!!

Hope you've all had a good weekend and thanks for reading!!!


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