The Big Trip

Saturday, 16 May 2009

It's funny what you can get done when.........

......... when you're confined to barracks for supposed R&R.

I set off down to the school on Thursday and popped in by the house to pick up some bits and pieces for Ross. Wasn't feeling too hot so took some painkillers and other meds. Good move in that they got me down to the school.

Long story cut short - by 4 in afternoon I was lying flat out on a sofa in the school in agony. Had no choice but to lie there until meds kicked in a bit. Big problem was that there was no way I was going to be able to drive the return 60 miles home!!! OH was working so my precious Dad and brother-in-law came to my rescue. I was finally able to get up by about 8.30 and so Dad drove down with Al for company to the school and Al drove Jim's car back up with me in it. What a kerfuffle. Anyway, needless to say there was no way I was fit for work yesterday so did little else than mooch around and make sure that DD had packed everything she needed for Guide camp this weekend (there's another story!!).

Anyway, got up this morning still feeling pretty tender and with all the energy of a newborn baby. Decided this afternoon that enough was enough and ventured down to my little haven at the bottom of the garden while OH was working on my car in garage (hence why I had his car on Thursday!!). I recently downloaded some freebie images from Tinker & Co and decided that perhaps a little gentle card making was the order of the day. First up was some beautiful tree images and backing papers which aren't really done justice by my camera or scissors but see what you think.

I then remembered that I had an entry to do for a fat book by the end of this week and was totally flummoxed as theme was really quite vague. Knowing the recipient I decided to opt for using some of my treasured and gradually dwindling stock of K & Company's Blue Awning .

If nothing else, by this point, I felt that I had ticked one box on my ever present, ever-growing "to do" list over the past three days.

Doing a spot of surfing after making dinner (no eating for me) I got involved in a very funny cyber conversation and ended up drooling at the thought of a big bowl of M&S's chocolate profiteroles and Mackie's vanilla ice cream (it's gotta be the best ice cream i've ever tasted and is definitely the cure for all evils). Going back down the garden I remembered some other cute downloads from Tinker & Co and know just the lady to send this to!!!

Thanks for listening to the groans of the day. Tomorrow can only be better.



  1. I love the ice cream sundae card is so delish :)

    T x

  2. hope you're feeling better now gill, and I know the person will love the blue awning card.....

    and thanks for my fab ice cream card, it's a absolutely fab, thanks

    maria x