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Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Boy's on a full-scale charm offensive

Evening all

Before I forget, Happy National Scrap booking Day, especially to all my buddies on the Do crafts Scrap booking forum - have you left any BP kits for tomorrow? Am going to stand and do the dreaded i*****g while the parade of goodies is passing before my eyes!!

Well, today's post is largely abut the boy (just for a change). He went back to school on Monday as cool as a cucumber - no fussing, screaming or any of the other undesirable behaviours he's been known to exhibit when displeased. Reports all week have been of compliance with his programme, smiles, laughter and the giving out of many hugs. We've always known that Ross can be a real little charmer when the mood takes him but it's unlike him for the mood to last for more than a day! All week the girls working with him have been using words like "fab" "great" "cute" and best of all "no SIB (self injury behaviour) over and over again. It sounds like they're all having a ball and it would appear that Ross is working really hard to improve his speech and the length of the small phrases he can manage. He's really good at the short ones like "no school tomorrow" but then that's kids all over isn't it LOL!!! It's all just timely reminder that the majority of us take it so much for granted being able to communicate our hopes, fears, desires and general thoughts so easily in a verbal form - how easily we forget the people for whom that's just not possible, or near nigh impossible.

Anyway, we know that despite his difficulties Ross is a really smart little cookie and it seems that finally, 11½ years down the line, he's starting to make some visible inroads into some of the most trying aspects of the way autism affects him. He has a big multi-disciplinary review in just over a week so hopefully some of his achievements of late will be highlighted. Just hope I'm not putting the kiss of death on all this by posting about it - that really would be sod's law!

DD, Alexandra, went to the hairdressers this morning and I left her to it - at 13 she knows what she wants. She came out looking gorgeous with her hair merely trimmed to a shorter version of her bob. Our girl is growing up so beautifully - must take some photos before I forget.

I took delivery today of my new stamp from Foxcraft Cards - Graduation Poppy - and I'll reveal her to you tomorrow hopefully.

Lastly, a message to Maria. Maria, keep your chin up sweetie, you know that I know how hard it is at the moment and I just wish I could do something to help, so just know that I think of you every day (Stephen as well) and am sending you both cheering strengthening and brightening sparkles and hugs via t'internet. How I wish I was closer that I could do it in person.

Right folks, off to slob a bit in front of the TV and debate about whether to stay up for the launch of the Craft Day TSV on QVC. How much excitement can one woman cope with I ask you?!!!!



  1. hi Gill, Ross sounds like a lovely charmer, i wish him well for next weeks assessment,
    hugs and sparkles to you both

  2. oh gill, you bought tears to my eyes, I'm doing OK, thanks...

    will be keeping everything crossed for ross's review, and your dd sounds as if she's growing into a lovely young lady..

    thanks, sending you lots of (((hugs)))
    maria xx

  3. Thanks for the comment on my layout on my blog.x