The Big Trip

Monday, 11 May 2009

Meeting Tilda and the ability to breathe easily again

Hell it's been a long day and it's only 9.30. I got up as quietly as I could at 6 this morning as I wanted to get into work early but didn't want to disturb my bed fellows!!! Ross had fallen asleep in our bed last night - inside his sleeping bag - complete with bag of pickled onion Monster Munch. Shower was first order of day as I think I ended up sleeping on half of them LOL!

Into work just before 8 leaving Jim to sort Ross for his return to school - I know, I'm such a wimp. it's just a job I still hate two years down the line and only do it when Jim and/or my mum aren't available. Anyway I hit the ground running at work and for the next 3 hours all I heard was "Gill, how do I..." or "Gill, can you..." or "Gillllll, I need.......".

I had to leave work at 11.30 and mercifully the roads were reasonably OK. Even better, after three days of constant bucketing rain, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the 60 miles to the school passed by really quickly. The reason for the visit to the school was for Ross's half yearly review. You'd think that after all these years I would take these things in my stride but there's still that little demon poking me in the back saying "You're getting complacent - watch out". However aforesaid little beggar was wrong on this occasion and it was all good. The staff in his new house are delighted with his progress, as is his new teacher, a lovely girl called Jane. Despite the fact it's only been two months since his move to Cumnock, his progress is quite visible and all concerned are shaking down and becoming accustomed to each other. Their dedication and compassion was summed up for me recently when I acknowledged to a member of staff that I was aware she had come on duty early because Ross was struggling - she said to me "Gill - I wouldn't have it any other way". The lady in question knows Ross as well as we know him ourselves and is a constant source of comfort and reassurance to us at home and I know the same 100 fold to Ross.

After the meeting Jim and I got chatting to other staff working with Ross and before we knew it it was late and we had to fly up the road before DD got home and thought we'd abandoned her. These meetings really exhaust me with the result that I nearly dozed off at the wheel so Jim had to keep chatting with windows open as we were in the midst of a 20 mile stretch of motorway with no laybys! So glad to get home.

After dinner (courtesy of Tesco at Silverburn!!!) I had a wash, got changed, and dug out my watercolour pencils. Reason being that a kind lady had sent me some of the Magnolia Tilda images for me to "try before I buy". Plonked myself in conservatory in lovely evening sunshine and just chilled for an hour - I'd forgotten how therapeutic a bit of colouring in can be, and this was my first attempt at water colouring but they're actually OK. Not great, but OK. Will post pics tomorrow night. Can definitely see how people can become addicted to the little girl from Sweden.

Right must go and sort myself for tomorrow so will wish you a good evening and a restful night.



  1. Bless you Gill, nite nite x

  2. oh gill, cannot wait to see your colouring...

    and great news about ross, it sounds as if he's settled into the new house just fine, (still will keep everything crossed for you though)...

    maria x

  3. it sounds like ross goes from home to home. im so pleased he is doing really well. sometimes i think he is doing better than mum. a big hug on its way for you. {{hugs}} gina xxxxxxxx