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Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Best Laid Plans................

I was so full of great intentions of being a diligent and regular little blogger and here I am, fallen by the wayside already!

Ross arrived home on Thursday which was lovely, but is also very time consuming. Between doing housework, helping DD with revision for her exams, keeping a watchful eye on Ross and generally just living, the time sure disappears at a rate of knots.

All my plans for a little crafting and me time went right out of the window.

Thank goodness for the lovely weather yesterday and most of today. The glorious sunshine certainly makes life seem so much brighter.

One thing I have to do is tidy out my little shed at the bottom of the garden which goes by the grand alias of "My Craft Room". It's only been in use for a couple of months now but I just love it. No-one interferes, I can leave things lying half-finished without any moans of "Are you going to tidy this junk away?" and similar comments.

Anyway I thought I'd post a few pics to give you the general idea of my little corner of tranquility.

Today being Easter Sunday I decided to do an Easter roast dinner with a leg of lamb and all the trimmings and invited my mum and dad. Lunch was scheduled for 2 o'clock which meant, by my reckoning, all would be finished and washed up by about 3.30 leaving me some time to relax and do something nice. Huh......... No sooner had we sat down than my brother and nephew arrived looking for OH's help with the new family vehicle. OH was a mechanic in a former life so such calls for help are still relatively common. Anyway, needless to say, 5 o'clock came and went before I got a chance to sit down. Why am I not surprised?

DD (Alexandra) was however delighted to receive a joint present from Brother and wife, grandparents and OH and I of a Nomination bracelet with the first couple of charm links. My niece received the same while my nephew and Ross, neither of whom eat chocolate (are they really our children LOL!!!) received clothes.

Anyway, I digress (I'm really good at that). Final challenge of the day came in a phone conversation with my sister-in-law who asked me to make Good Luck cards for cast members and others who will take to the boards next week in a production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel. Watch this space!! I think I need to be struck by an almighty bolt of inspiration as I'm the first to confess that I'm no card maker.


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  1. Gill, this just looks like heaven and so tidy too!!! CCx