The Big Trip

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Only 3 sleeps...........

Here we are into another week and it's flying in at a rate of knots. The weekend flew in at a rate of knots and then here we are two days into the working week which means only 3 sleeps until Ross comes home for the weekend again - thank goodness.

When it was suggested that Ross be allowed to attend residential school some 60 miles from home we were all horrified and shell-shocked to say the least. It had never ever entered into our way of thinking. Bad enough that we allowed him to attend a "special school" but to have him away from home - that was never going to happen.

Probably the main reason that we agreed in the end was to allow DD a more normal life, especially as she was sue to start high school that year. Obviously we were meant to live more normal lives as adults as well but how many adults count their lives by in sleeps - sleeps until Ross comes home - home for home many sleeps - how many sleeps until he's home again.

For me it's probably been a bit easier because I've found activities to pass my evenings and every other weekend, but DD still struggles and so goes off down to visit Ross at the end of the first week to break up the long absence for both of them. We never ever wanted to use respite for Ross and indeed hardly ever had him away from us for even a night for the first 9 years of his life. I think the jury is probably still out on whether that was the right way to do.

Me, I think that as a parent, of course it's what you do, you don't have children to farm them out to unsuspecting relatives and others at any given opportunity. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that's how I felt. So to go from having with us constantly through the good, bad and b***y awful times, to having him away from us for 11 days out of 14 was and still is a massive change.

Anyway, work and DD keep us both busy in the empty days and we've gradually become used to the house being just a little too big and quiet for a lot of the time.
Anyway, on a quieter weekend I settled myself down to making some cards for my SIL who's performing in Carousel this week. Now I'm no cardmaker, as I've said before, but felt I should make a bit of an effort so see below for some of the results. I mean "Good Luck" and "Carousel" - what was I meant to do really - answers on a postcard please!!!!LOL

Must go now and prepare some supper for OH who will be home soon - dutiful wife or what. The pack my bag for tomorrow as I've got swimming after work with my brave ally Sue - more about that particular saga later!! Also must lat the fab ladies on the Docrafts scrapbooking forum know that I've actually dared to make cards and didn't top myself in the process.

Night night all.

Take care.



  1. Your cards are fantastic, what do you mean you cant make cards very well, you are so wrong. You most certainly can make great cards.

    T x

  2. WOW what fab cards gill, well done, you've done a great job of them...

    and as for counting your sleeps, sending you big hugs, take care and have a FAB weekend when you're little treasure is home....

    maria x

  3. i just read this and i have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. big big hugs to you and ross.

    right now madam, stop putting yourself down gill, they are beautiful cards.
    gina xxxxxxx