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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Busy but nice!!

Well, it's been a busy weekend but in a nice way, not one of those hectic one's where you rush around like an eejit with nothing to show for it!

Saturday morning and I was up nice and early and heading off to Flawless Designs in Stirling for a Saturday morning workshop on stamping.

I was with a lovely bunch of ladies and thankfully wasn't the only one new to stamping. We worked on about half a dozen images using different mediums with about 3 different stamps.

The one below was a stamped image covered with Perfect Pearls then brushed and rubbed out. Really loved this effect. I've seen it on cards etc and always wondered how they achieved it. Now I know!

The we were taught how to stamp and mask to use the same image several times to create one big image. Again - easy once you know how!

This one was stamped, heat embossed and coloured with pens and chalks. OK - so my colour sense wasn't great but the theory and practice was really enjoyable for this one.

This was the first card using the little flower and leave stamps from Habico - now I know how people do those lovely flowery borders!

And last but not least - some triple embossing - this was great fun!! Used gold embossing powder with some mica sprinkled in on the last melt before stamping into it.

Did some shopping for OH's birthday in the afternoon with my mum and DD then I had a nice quiet evening after dinner with TV, tea and not a lot else. First quiet Saturday evening in goodness knows how long.

Today started off with a spate of housework while OH went off to do some electrical stuff for Andrew (Stepson). When he came back DD had disappeared off with my mum and nephew to our local big park to run off some of his steam (he's 3½ - enough said!!). SO OH and I had some lunch and pottered about before going to meet DD in town to look at wallpaper for her bedroom.

An hour and a half later we came out with samples for 4 possibles - isn't home decor flowery these days - definitely not my taste, but it's her room so I'm just paying for the stuff and OH can get it put up.

Tonight, around making dinner, homemade beef olives and all the trimmings - YUM - I finished some thank you cards for my SIL.

As I think I mentioned before she's in the local AM. Dram production of Carousel and likes to give Good Luck (or should that read "Break a leg"?) cards to certain of her fellow cast members. Will try and upload some examples tomorrow.

So here we are, and it's Sunday night already. DD started her S2 exams tomorrow with Maths first to go - how glad am I that I'm past all that? OH half is working this week on a late shift so DD and I get some time to ourselves in the evenings after dinner. It's another busy week for me at work this week, but I've come to the conclusion that they're all going to be like that for a while to come. I'm looking forward to hearing the stories of the Sports Union Ball which was held last night. A notoriously drunken and riotous affair, some staff from our department were attending for at least the meal, so that'll be some gossip to kick the week off!!!

I'm on the long haul now until my three weeks off in August but I'm sure it'll pass fairly quickly if I just don't think about it. Plus I still have another week to try and fit in before the end of September but I think I may be tempted to have a couple of long weekends and keep a couple of days for emergencies/shopping trips!!

Anyway, enough from me - must go and get stuff organised for tomorrow - and so it all starts again!


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  1. oh gill, love the stamping, thanks for the info of how to do them too...
    ...I've some perfect pearls and never used them... also fancy the idea about the masking, never tried it either...

    maria x