The Big Trip

Monday, 13 April 2009

Just one of those days..........

We all have those days we'd really just rather forget don't we? Well for me, today has been one of them. Avoiding the risk of developing a hurricane style rant, suffice it to say that this is a day when I really and truly loathe and detest autism and they way it affects people. In my case I hate what it does to Ross. What should have been a simple trip into town to collect a drive-thru MacDonald's Happy Meal turned into full scale warfare which meant us only getting a third of the way and then having to turn back. Ross was in meltdown and OH who was in back of car with him wasn't far behind. A good few hours later Ross has settled by OH is still not worth the speaking to.

Anyway, on a brighter note, one of the regulars on the Docrafts forum, Clarky J, has some fab blog candy on offer including some gorgeous stamps. Pop over and have a look - it's gotta be worth it. The girl's sure done good going by the number of hits her blog's received!!!

Need to go and get ready for back to work tomorrow - think that may be a blessing in disguise LOL!!



  1. Hi Gill thanks for stopping by my blog x Good luck with the candy Ive joined your followers too x Your craft shed looks ace! Wish I had such a big space however I share a craft room with my mum which is really a small bedroom! With 2 of us with too much stash it gets really cramped!

  2. ps notice you are a fan of Dy too and AFTH have you ever been? I love the shop and the workshops are fantastic if you get chance to go x

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me Gill, its looking good! I love your shed, and your projects below...the little album for Sall is SO pretty, I bet she loved it! And the crafty chick card - how lucky I am that you sent it to me, thank you again!
    Happy blogging! Sue x

  4. Hi hunny im so pleased you now have a blog its somewhere to do all on your own and great to let off steam too, yours is looking good,
    takecare and happy blogging,

  5. Hello Aunty Gill I got my snail mail and LOVE IT THANK YOU