The Big Trip

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Day One and a Determined Start

Welcome to the madhouse - but then don't so many people say that about the same elements of their lives, whether answering the phone, opening the front door or meeting an old friend after too long a separation?

I was inspired to start blogging after surviving only three days off work for the Easter break before coming a little too lazy. I'm one of those sad people who thrive on routine and I'm told that a good blog needs regular updates so here we are.
I'll gradually be adding to the list of blogs which I enjoy, which inspire me, or just really made me laugh (in the nicest possible way).

Anyway, after lunch today I decided to finish some projects which have been lying in various stages of completion for varied lengths of time. I'm a terrible finisher, whether it's a lack of confidence in any finished item - I'm really not sure. But today is definitely a finishing day.

As no-one's really aware of this blog yet I'm safe to post a couple of items which were completed today.

Firstly a little book for Sall from her Aunty Gill. She's a great girl and often sends me little crafty gifts. virtual (Facebook) or otherwise when she senses I need a bit of cheering up.

Then a gift for one of the men in my life. I work with him, he's kind, handsome, academically brilliant and widely recognised as one of the most desired men on campus. And he's single!! Me - I'm what he calls "his surrogate mum". Anyway, sweets for Easter Rals, you know who you are.

And last, and probably most remarkably of all, a card. So what? I hear you say. Well I've never ever professed to being a card maker and I really have no patience at all for decoupage - it really rips my knitting. However.................... on a visit to our local craft emporium yesterday, Flawless Designs, I spotted a new decoupage range, well new to me any roads, "Flippin' Women" and decided to give it a go. See what you think below. It amused me!!!

Off out now to get some fresh air and drag DD and friend away from their revision for S2 exams.



  1. gill, i love your new blog and iv enjoyed reading what youve been up to. i love the book you made sall its beautiful. and id love to see a pic of this gorgeous man of yours. lol
    the decoupage, i love i havent seen this design before. and to have a front and back view its brilliant and youve made it beautifully. i will be checking in regular, and congratulations on your blog.
    gina xxxxxxxx

  2. Eee my album hee hee me got it today and it's MADE my DAY