The Big Trip

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Three Beautiful Weeks

Yes dear Reader, that's how long I've got off work. Three lovely weeks to do pretty much as a I please, when I please. Except that is, when I need to act as taxi driver to daughter, do occasional h*******k and i*****g. I plan to get off up to St Andrews this week, we all as a family just adore the place. I have a friend who is a golf pro and he's given me his card and that acts as an invitation to play a bit of some of the lovely courses up there.

For me there are rituals to be observed at the start of the summer break. You'll laugh at this one, but if you're a woman, perhaps not. High on the to do list is a handbag for the holidays. This year's delectation is a bright red moc-croc affair. Now I don't go for big expense - it's purely to make me smile and this one definitely does the trick so let me know what you think. Subdued it ain't!!!

Another thing that I love about the holidays s that first Sunday evening when you realise that you don't need to rush around like an eejit making sure all the ironing is done ready for the working week - now that really is my idea of bliss!!

While I was in the garden tonight pondering that particular pleasure, I noticed some lovely new blooming additions to my collection of pots. The first was this gorgeous crimson geranium.

And then this little beauty hiding up near my little corner of crafting heaven way down the bottom of the garden

Ross has been home this weekend, and has been in fantastic form, although going by the look of his face, perhaps that hasn't been the case at school this week. We just keep applying the arnica cream and pray for calm for his little soul.

I was all set to do the return trip to school with him tomorrow but OH wants to do it so Alexandra and I will stay home and do some errands and make lunch for his return. Alexandra has music lessons in the afternoon so I shall have a genuine couple of hours R&R as OH is working for the next two weeks. I SHALL NOT ACT PLEASED ABOUT THIS OMMISSION ON HIS PART - I should write 100 lines about that little fact!!!

The week will then be free for other jaunts and explores.

Take are dear reader and I shall post regularly from different destinations for your delectation and undoubted boredom!!



  1. Hey Aunty Gill, I left you a message updating you on my adventure for tomorrow on facebook.

    It sounds as though you are going to have some adventures of your own...I love the flower photos they are nowhere near as good as mine!

  2. Lots of sparkles to you for your wonderful time off work Gill...enjoy! I adore your looks very much like the one I had my eye on but mine was shocking pink - sadly it was gone when I went back with some cash! Gina will be green with envy...she loves red doesnt she...AND handbags!
    Sue x

  3. Love the bag gill (like sue said, wait till gina sees it, lol),

    and WOW what beautiful flowers, you do take such lovely photos...

    hugs for ross, and you too...

    have a fab 3 weeks off and look forward to hearing all what you get up to..

    maria xx

  4. beautiful flowers gill, but the handbag, is absoulutely gorgeous, yummy, delight, and i want it to be
    have a fab holiday gill.
    gina xxxxx