The Big Trip

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Girls on Safari

Good evening dear follower

I woke this morning and realised it would be the last day of my daughter's summer holidays during which we would have a chance to do something interesting without having to take into account the interests and thoughts of the male members of the household.

Accordingly I asked Alexandra what she wanted to do and her instant answer was "Safari Park". Well, the sun was shining, the housework can always wait and it's only 45 minute drive so it was all systems go. A quick call to my mum confirmed that she was up for this mini adventure. So by 12.15 we were parked up at Blair Drummond and ready for a bit fun.

See my slideshow below for some of my fave pics from the day. Have to say though, it's very much still a case of "Meerkats Rule!!"

We had a really fab afternoon and even found time to visit Chimp Island but unfortunately I couldn't get any good shots as I was on the wrong side of the boat - trust me!!

All in all, a fab day which might have started off pretty poorly with news that I'm more than likely going to need surgery to get rid of all this pain I'm getting - but that'll be a while yet so no point in fretting. Onwards and upwards!

Definitely need to get some scrapping done in the last week of the holidays, I think a Meerkat page is a must!

Now, must head for bed as am off down to collect Ross in the morning to bring him home for a long weekend as it's his birthday on Tuesday, so he's home until Wednesday - Yay!!!!



  1. oh gill, fab photo's, it looks and sound like you've had a fab day out all of you...

    and sounds like a fab long weekend, happy birthday to ross for tueday, have a lovely time together...

    hugs and sparkles for your health...
    Maria xx

  2. oh aunty gill i'm so jealous of your photos

  3. fab photos gill, im glad you had a fab time. happy belated birthday to ross.
    gina xxxxx