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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Holiday Week 1 - Mixed Fortunes

Dear Reader

Here I am with one week of the holidays gone already. The first few days were a miox of the usual stuff without the hassle of having to fit work in around them! On Thursday I had a rare opportunity to spend time with Ross down at school. These visits come in the middle of his spell between arriving back at school on a Monday and coming back home again on the following Friday. A welcome break for all concerned. We spend time just off campus in a cabin set in the middle of a beautiful sensory garden.

When you enter the garden you come under/through (never sure which) a gazebo over which is growing the most gorgeous honeysuckle with gorgeous yellow flowers and these amazing spirals blooms - they're just amazing to look at and I'm sorry my photography doesn't do them justice!

The cabin is up on your right and is just my idea of bliss - when my numbers come up on the Lottery, I'm having one just like this as a craft hideaway, complete with kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms!!!

You stand on the balcony and look out and see nothing but trees, trees and more trees with no traffic noises - bliss. My favourite tree is the red acer in front of the balcony. In the sunshine the upper sides of the leaves are dark red and the under sides are bright crimson but again my photography just doesn't do this any credit.

We had a lovely time chilling out on what was an absolutely gorgeous day down in that neck of the woods. There was scarcely a breeze, the air was warm, and Ross and I were quite happy just spending time together just the two os us - an unfortunately too rare occurrence. I took time, while he was watching a dvd, to try and capture some of the delights of this little haven for your enjoyment.

Friday saw me heading off to the hospital for more scans in an effort to locate the source of this damned lurgy which is causing me so much grief. Hopefully an answer this week! Friday night and my parents, DD and I went off partying in wild Coatbridge at a surprise joint 60th birthday party for my aunt and uncle. A fab time was had by all but guess who forgot her camera - idiot!!

After a lazy Saturday morning I got settled in the shed to do some serious crafting and about 4'ish remembered that I had to venture into the village to do a few errands so off I set. Fifteen minutes later, in middle of ASDA no less, I was struck down with the most awful abdominal pain imaginable - in ASDA I ask you!!! Weel, managed to stagger to car before passing out, made a phonecall to hubby who duly arrived with my Mum in order to retrieve me and OH's car. Funny how it's always his car I get stranded with when this pain comes on? Maybe it's the car? Anyway, that was me laid up until about lunch-time yesterday. I was truly not a happy bunny as I had to forgo a long-awaited visit to Kelvingrove Art Gallery so that Alexandra could see the Dr Who exhibition. By Sunday morning it was patently clear I was going nowhere so bravely (with martyr hat on) suggested that Hubby took DD off, just the two of them. No arguments from either of them - I'm not a good patient!!!

Anyway, by Monday night I was muchos imrpoved so had a visit from the lovely Tania and the even more grogous MacDuff, hr fourmmonth old Westie pup. Isn't it amazing how four month olds, animal or human, can totally kill conversation (in the nicest possible way)? That little pooch is so cute!!!

Anyway, today finds me back to something resembling a normal looking (it's all relative mind you) so felt at leasst a little blogging was called for while waiting for rain to go off. Crafting planned for later, finishing the projects which were so rudely cut off before completion on Saturday!!

More later!!!

Thanks for allowing me to bore you dear reader!!



  1. Well Aunty Gill if you will leave crafting to go shopping what do you expect? I hope your better soonly

  2. sounds a fab time with ross gill...

    but am so so sorry to hear you've still got problems...

    hugs and sparkles coming your way...

    maria xx