The Big Trip

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Shopping, school and Demented Dad

Well dear reader

It's been a funny old week since I last wrote.

My darling boy was home from Friday until Wednesday as it was his birthday on Tuesday and there was no way no how he was going to spend that important day in school. The little soul was as good as gold the whole weekend with lots of interaction in the form of requests for "tickles", "tig" and endless food. This boy looks like a pencil with the wood scraped off so goodness only knows where all the food goes. I think he burns it off as soon as he digests it!

OH took Ross back to school yesterday morning and at about 11.30 the phone goes and the conversation runs:


"Yes Dad?"

"What are you doing just now?"

"Not a lot - why?"

"Good - get yourself down here now before I put this b***y paint away. I'll give you breakfast when you come down."

By way of explanation, my Dad is a true highlander and a man of few words!! The background to the conversation, as far as I knew at that point, was that he had been instructed the previous day, in mu mum's absence, to paint their small living room. It had also been planned that the Council would arrange uplift of their three piece suite that day as a new one was to be on the books.

So off I trotted like a dutiful daughter. On arrival my opinion was sought of the paint job - but what can you really say about Barley White? Mum and Dad were standing looking at me expectantly so I dutifully responded that it looked "Fine" (my most hated word in the English vocabulary!!!

In the adjoining dining room I noticed the should-have-been departed suite lying. When I asked why it was still there Dad reported that the Council men had appeared the previous day to collect it as arranged but that he had sent them away empty-handed. When I asked why he replied that my not-so-darling husband had commented that it would be good for our conservatory. OVER MY DEAD BODY - MEN!!!! My mum was well aware of my thoughts on that matter and was hiding in the kitchen trying not to wet herself laughing.

Meantime my OH had arrived in response to my text to get himself down to Dad's. Needless to say the men in the family were informed that the aforementioned suite was going to the council tip and nowhere else - certainly not within a mile of our house!!! Gill 1 - Men 0.

Longs story cut short, I had to phone the appropriate Council Department and ask for the suite to be uplifted. When the 12 year old girl on other end of phone asked for details I gave them and explained that the job had already been requested. She asked why the job hadn't been done as had been called in some 9 days previously. I explained that indeed they had but that my darling dad in his demented state had sent them away and told them he had changed his mind. I could sense that the girl was struggling with all this.

"So our men did come but they didn't take the item?"
"That's right"
"Because my father has dementia and got confused and sent them away without the item"
"So I can I please arrange for the item to be uplifted?"
"Can you hold the line a moment please?"
"No problem"

The girl comes back to my remarkably promptly and says that the item will be uplifted tomorrow (Today) but can was please ensure that it is outside the house and repeated this request about three times. I think the men didn't want to deal with the demented pensioner again!!

All the while this conversation is being relayed on hands-free round the kitchen table and my mum and dad are sitting in kinks and OH (who lacks our familial sense of humour) is just sitting shaking his head.

For the avoidance of doubt (in case anyone reading this knows the aforementioned Mr Sutherland) my dad is of extremely sound mind (although his hips are a bit iffy these days) and indeed lectured on psychiatry for about 30 years. He was however greatly tickled by the notion of losing his marbles and for the remainder of the day referred to himself as "your poor demented Dad". I have not enquired today as to whether the suite made a safe interrupted departure from their back garden where OH and I deposited yesterday immediately after the telephone conversation!!!

OF greater excitement to me yesterday was the arrival of my Cuttlebug from Cutting Edge Crafts. Fab price and fab service from them!

In addition I got a couple of embossing folders delivered:-

Birds and Swirls

And Leafy Branch

I could easily fall in love with this little machine!

Went off shopping today with mate Tania to Craft At Home and haven't spent such a joyous stash-filled hour in such a long time. This shop is filled with the most delectable stash assortment I've come across and adore their K & Co!!!! The two ladies who were serving us (repeatedly) were absolutely fabulous - funny, knowledgeable and absolutely ace saleswomen. Hence why T and I were both back at the till about 5 times between us. There is a funny story about this but if you want to read about it look here. If you want to meet these two wonders in person, visit Craft At Home in Blantyre or visit their stand at the SECC in October.

Will stop boring you to death now dear reader and put details of my crafty purchases on blog later.

Before I go I just want to send the biggest sparkiest hugs I can to Maria and Steven, mother and son, who endured the trauma and worry of Steven's general anaesthetic today. Hope all went well and without cause for concern.




  1. oh gill, you had all my emotions mixed up, while reading your post...

    first I felt so happy that you had days of tickles, and then my heart went out for you because of having to say goodbye to your golden boy going back to school...

    then what can I say about your dad, well it sounds like the sort of thing that me and my dad would have done, you made me

    and you made me smile about your trip with tania, sounds really fun...

    and the last paragraph, well that bought tears to my eyes, it was a shock reading it, but thanks, it has been an emotional today, and thanks for the sparkiest hugs...

    hugs and sparkles coming your way too...
    maria xx

  2. your poor demented dad, you made me laugh! i could see the whole thing. thats just so typical.
    and your not far behind him, between your owls and your glasses. lol
    wonderful reading.
    good night gill.
    gina xxxxxxxxx

  3. I loved your Demented Dad story! Like father like daughter eh after reading Tanias craft shop story! LOL!
    Love Jackie :-) x