The Big Trip

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The best laid plans ...............

Or to Quote Burns accurately in "To A Mouse"

"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley,"

Here I am at the end of three weeks holiday from work and I seem to have so little to show for it. But then how often are we subject to influences beyond our control e.g. health, weather, other people's needs/wishes?

Anyway, here I sit, having determined today to get at last a little light crafting done before my life resumes it's normal hectic pace again tomorrow

First creation made using a new Cuttlebug die set and scraps from a secret project which will accompany this card. Also took a chance to air my Rhona Farrer Swirl stamps and my new Dex Drop Brilliance ink pads:

Next card came about when I was browsing through some printouts of downloads from Digistamp Boutique. Some Brenda Pinnick papers, titles cut using Cricut, unearthed my watercolour pencils and came up with this which, for some reason best known to myself, really pleases me.

The weather up here has been abysmal for the last few days and generally when I've headed towards the shed, Charlie has been hot on my heels and is quite happy to sit and keep my company!! On the days the other week when I couldn't really get up and about very easily, he acted as a perfect temperature hot water bottle, seeming to know just where I was sore and how to snuggle in without too much pressure. He's such a big softy and I just adore him.

Yesterday I was still in the throes of some flu-type lurgy and decided to snuggle on the cough in the afternoon and came across the most fabulous film, 84 Charing Cross Road. The lead characters of Helen Hanff and Frank Doel were played beautifully by Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins. I sat engrossed for the whole of the film and tonight am ordering the book of the same name, as well as Helene Hanff's Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. I will say no more but urge you, if you love a truly good film which doesn't contain sex or violence, to spare yourself a couple of hours and sit and watch it.

And so I must be off, to prepare the workday clothes and paraphernalia, and prepare for the sleepless night which always precedes my return to work after any lengthy absence. Strange thing that!

Take care



  1. WOW lovely cards gill, and well done on christening your cuttlebug...

    hope all goes well with work tomorrow...

    hugs and sparkles...
    maria xx

  2. they are beautiful cards gill, and thankyou so much for mine. ( smile) it is still sitting on my dressing table.
    i hope all goes well for alexandra on wednesday, lots and lots of sparkles for the both of you.
    hugs gina xxxxxxxx

  3. Lovely cards Gill - loving the birdies! Also loving your Charlie, what a gorgeous cat!
    Carole x