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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Craft Companion

Evening bloggers

Twice in one week - must be a record for me!!!

Right, at the request of my good blogging friend Sue-Bubbles, here's a picture of my newly tidied work desk this afternoon.

The weather up here today has been overcast and muggy. We had a bit of a shower this morning but it really didn't come to anything. We decided to go ahead with a planned barbecue with my mum and dad at our house. Were sitting finishing our meal about 4'ish when the heavens really opened. It was lovely and cooling and had that beautiful after-the-rain smell from the fields surrounding us.

After mum and dad left, I decided to head back down to the shed

As I got near the door I realised I'd forgotten to close it when last out

and found that I had a visitor. I did wonder where he'd got to after my dad had insisted on feeding him barbecued fresh trout!!!!

There he was, dead to the world, curled up on mu work chair. As I post this blog, ten o'clock at night, he's still out there so I must remember to go and retrieve him and lock up for the night. It's still very mild and very light up here at this time of night. We had some visitors at dusk (about 11'ish) on Friday night (right at the stat of Grey's Anatomy - that's how I know the time!!!). There were three small roe deer in the field. So small and delicate - they were gorgeous.

Right, thatis post has been a real piece of nonsense but will pass two minutes of your time since you've popped in. I will post pictures of the work I got done tomorrow hopefully. The light wasn't good enough by the time I was coming in to get decent photos.




  1. He looks so comfortable Gill - shame to disturb him! Pleased you managed the barbecue and some crafting - wish it would rain here - it's so muggy.
    Sue xx

  2. Cat heaven! BBQ trout followed by an undisturbed snooze in Mum's best craft chair - Bliss!!!

    Carole xxx

  3. sounds a lovely day gill, so pleased you managed the BBQ...

    you're shed looks so big, and your kitty looks so comfortable, lol...

    maria x

  4. Wow, well done on getting your desk sooooo tidy, I can't send you a pic of mine just now!

  5. You had to mention greys and remind me that I have another 5 days to wait to see if Derek (McDreamy) lives or dies....thanks for that!