The Big Trip

Friday, 25 June 2010

What's Rocking Your World Friday

A very late evening Friday post from me so her we go

Thanks to Virginia at Celtic House for her insightful list as always.

Me, firstly - it's gotta be that I'm thankful I'm now off work for four days - yay!! The schools up here in Scotland broke up today for summer - a real double-edged sword I know.

My mum for running around after my darling daughter who always, but always, despite my morning cal, always managed to forget either her phone, purse or house key when dashing out to school. Granny to the rescue!!!!!!!

As I'm sure you all are, I'm loving this lovely warm weather and the beautiful scnerey surrounding me at home and especially at work. I work on what is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful university campuses in Europe up here in Stirling. Want a peak - go here?

Facebook - I've found so many of my crafty pals from the Docrafts forum lurking on Facebook and now, as of today, we have a new fun home on Facebook - communication is a wonderful thing - great for the soul!

Talking of craft, I've been working on a secret project all week, something a little different from me - decided to give the paper and scissors a rest for a short time. It reminds me that I forgot to take photos of the scrapbook I did for my dad for Fathers' Day - will do that this weekend and post it for your comments.

This week started really badly for me. Without going into any great details, I was hit by a bit of a panic attack over an issue I've always just gone along with. It's one of those things that's always there, you deal with it and keep going but you tend to avoid dwelling on it. Then one day it creeps up and lodges itself at the forefront of your mind where you just can't shake it. I'm sure we all have or have had these things. Well, mine came to visit on Tuesday and I offer my thanks to my gorgeous friend Nikki for being in the right place at the right time and rescuing me quietly and without fuss. Love you Nikki.

Finally, so glad to be taking part in this year's Graduation ceremonies and honoured to have been asked to lead out the academic procession at two of the ceremonies this year A real honour and so lovely to be taking part in the highlight of the University year. As long as I don;t trip and land flat on my face all will be well LOL!! Flat shoes that day methinks.

Right, dear reader, off you go and catch up with my other Friday Rockettes as Virginia call us.

Take care.



  1. Gill - a lovely list. Where would we be without friends? Sorry you had the panic attack though.
    Well done on being chosen to lead out the academic procession - have a great time!
    Sue xx

  2. Great list Gill. I too am sorry that you had a wobble at the beginning of the week, but am really hoping that the end of the week is better, especially since you are now on holiday!
    I too am loving the FB DC Group so thanks so much for that.
    I'm all for flat shoes every time (being 5'11'' and slightly taller than OH anyway makes me a fan of flats!)
    Hugs - Carole xxx

  3. Mmmm, where would we be without our fabulous friends in moments like that. What a brilliant list I remember when I lived in Scotland - laughing my socks off when we would break up for school knowing that my cousins in England would still be slogging their way in the heat. Wasn't so chuffed when the tables were turned at the end of the holidays mind you ;) I remember going to Stirling on a school trip (we lived in Inverkeithing!) really miss it and so look forward to my holidays back up there. Can't wait till next year when we drive back up to Loch Ness... will stop my rambling now ;)

    Thanks for sharing your list with us.

  4. fab list gill... and yes what would we do without friends and DC FB...

    sparkles for your little wobble on tuesday, hugs

    and congrats for being asked to lead out TWICE, tht's fab news...

    maria x

  5. Another great list Gill.

    Thank you for setting up the DC group on FC, you're a star!!!!

    I'm sorry to hear you had a horrible few days Gill, but so glad to hear you had a lovely friend to help you through it.

    Remember if ever you to need an ear, your DC pals are always here for you too :)

    Suzie xxxxx :)