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Friday, 18 June 2010

What's Rocking Your Friday?

It's days like today on which I feel the real value of participating in WRYF and am grateful to Virginia for initiating the whole wonderful thing. I urge you dear blogger to join in if you haven't already. It's got to be good for the soul!!!

I'm so grateful to the wonderful world of the web. It allows us all to have glimpses, large and small into the lives of those around us, near and far, differing in culture, nationality and existence. Part of this joyous exploration is finding like-minded people, and also the realisation that you're never as alone as you had perhaps believed.

Next, to my work colleagues and friends among them, for making me smile when I think I've forgotten how to. They are a wonderful bunch of academics who combine their academia with high-level sporting achievement, firm social conscience and often the most amazing sense of humour. They accept my for who I am, in so many ways diametrically different from them on a physical and psychological level. Thanks guys one and all.

Again, as always, I express my love and gratitude to the staff at my son's school who have again this week been so supportive to us all as a family, but more so in their education, protection and care of my darling son on all possible levels. It's been a hell of a week but nobody's died so we live to fight another week.

On a crafty point of view, I thank all those individuals who share their beliefs, loves, aspirations and achievements in their blogs. One of my current favourite heroes is Suze Weinberg. I love the way she writes of her diverse interests, love of her family and the way she shares all this unstintingly.

Finally, my darling Dad. Who constantly reminds me in his quiet way to never give up, to hold belief, and that I am loved. Thanks Dad.

Right - time to get on.

Hugs and sparkles to you dear reader.



  1. A fabulous list x I agree Blogland is such an inspiration I dont know what kept me going creatively before!I met Suze last Feb and she is a star. Witty, charming and seriously talented I really admire her staying power (she had a very long class day then demoing all evening). She was Brilliant!

  2. What a beautiful list Gill.:)
    So pleased you're joining in.
    Sue xx

  3. A beautiful beautiful list Gill to take that step back and count our blessings is something to celebrate! I love the 'people' based Rocking Your Worlds because it's those people that often don't know how much they influence our days!

    I hope you have a beautifully blessed weekend.


  4. What a wonderful list would love to join in but dont know where to hugs alma xx

  5. This really is a great list Gill and one that I am sure most of us will share bits of, if not most of!
    Carole xxx

  6. fab list gill...

    have been thinking of you, sending you tons of hugs and sparkles...

    maria x

  7. Wonderful list Gill!
    Suzie xxxxx :)