The Big Trip

Friday, 11 June 2010


I'm conscious that at times in this world it's all too easy to become moany, obsessive, introspective and generally ungrateful. Well I'm damned sure I must appear that way to a lot of people a lot of time. I think joining Rocking Your World Friday will be good therapy for these nasty little habits.

So........... today it goes like this:

At 4 o'clock last night I became eternally grateful to the designers at Archos who came up with this little beauty

I bought this for DS some months ago as he loves his gadgets and especially those which offer visual stimulation and whose function he can control infinitely. He is a control junky in the extreme but perhaps that's more than his autism.

Anyway, after much pulling of hair, screaming and gnashing of teeth, I am finally able to download all his favourite Youtube clips via Cnet, convert them into AVI format from MP4, and pop them onto this little gadget. He finally got to view it yesterday when OH went to see him down at school. Verdict - thumbs up (Ross is pretty non-verbal). It's not often I feel that I've done something in his life which I think he truly appreciates, but I get the impression Ross might think his mum has a purpose in life other than to make him sausages and chips on demand!!!

Next - so grateful to be alive and have my nearest and dearest around me. We, as a family, lost someone very close to us this week and the funeral was today. A stark reminder. Over.

My crafting - generally a hit or miss affair but it helps me to focus. When i craft, nothing else gets in the way. I'm out of the house, in my own little world and the house's other inhabitants know better than to disrupt me.

Finally, with the thought of a big review on Monday, to the absolutely stunningly fabulous staff at my son's school. I give them total responsibility for my son's safety, education and social and moral welfare for 11 days out of 14 and he now has more mums and dads (in the nicest possible way) than any little one deserves. They all bring their own brand of humour, compassion and experience into this little boy's life and I love each and everyone of them.

How's this for a first effort?



  1. Gill that is an amazing first effort and I feel blessed that you've decided to stop lurking and join in with my rocking your world friday. It is such a pleasure to take that step back and appreciate the tiny things in life that make our lives so very very precious, the time we have here the people we know and love the people we trust, the people who look after us and our loved ones - all amazing. I hope you can come to terms with your family loss and my thoughts are with you today! Sending you huge hugs


  2. Brilliant Gill. I'm sorry you lost someone close to you - hugs and sparkles to help you through this difficult time.
    Ross's school sounds fantastic - good luck to them for the review.
    Sue xx
    p.s. can you tell me how to get the "wrywf" button on to my blog? I'm "technically"

  3. Hi Gill, it's great to see a new face on the block! So sorry to hear that you've had a recent loss in the family, and my thoughts are with you. Well done you for sorting out all that techie stuff (it would have been beyond me) for Ross, a true achievement in anybody's eyes! Lovin' your list of gratefuls, x

  4. a fabulous list x Sorry you have had a loss this week - It certainly does make you appreciate those around you more. Its also great to see what is making people feel glad . Janet

  5. Oh I know just what you mean with regards stark reminders. So glad you are joining in with Virginias fabulous weekly look back. It makes us see the good bits when mabe we wouldn't otherwise. Your sons school sounds amazing!

  6. Gill, this is just amazing!!! and ofcourse a more than brilliant first effort.
    I am so sorry to hear you have lost someone so close, it really makes you look at things in a whole new light, sending you lots of special sparkles!

    Also, I think you sound like such a wonderful and very caring person, how lucky is Ross to have such a lovely Mum and so many other great people in his life. I'm so pleased he likes his new toy, sounds fun! :)
    Don't worry about having the odd moan Gill, we all need to let off steam from time to time, I know I do, lol!
    I must take a peek at this wonderful blog, it sounds great!

    Suzie xxxxxx :)

  7. sending you tons of sparkles for your and your family's loss gill...

    WOW you are clever sorting out the gadget for ross, and ross's school sounds fab and he's so lucky to have you as a I know it cannot be easy, hugs...

    maria x