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Friday, 23 July 2010

What's Rocking Your World Friday

Good evening Rockettes. Hopefully you've come to visit me via the wonderful Virginia over at Celtic House where she has a really wonderful list of things to be grateful for. I can but hope to hold my own over here.

First things first, thank you dear reader for stopping by!!!!

Next, well I actually had today booked as a day's annual leave and, unlike the previous two Fridays, didn't set foot over the University gates and I have to admit it was just fab!!!!!!! I woke to lovely blue skies and a very mild breeze. Felt so invigorated that I stripped the beds and got all the linen and flannel washed and line dried by midday - how virtuous did I feel LOL!!!!!!

As I sit typing tonight it's a gorgeous evening with very little cloud, slight breeze and a gorgeous view of the hills - simple things dear reader.

I am grateful that I felt motivated to continue with a little project I've been working on - an engagement book/album keeper thingy which I mentioned last week. Today I nipped out and picked up some final bits of ribbon and some charms and hey presto - complete!!!!!!!!!!!! Those of you who know me from Facebook will have noticed that I had a bit of a dilemma over the level of embellishment required. My style, despite attempts to change it, is really quite simple so I'm adopting the adage "Less is more" as my line of defence. Hopefully I've managed to load a small slide show to demonstrate my point

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Let me know what you think please - confidence in my crafting is never that great at the best of times and I usually conveniently "forget" to photograph my projects!

My darling daughter is off in Wick at the moment with my parents and niece and by all accounts they are having a lovely time with fine weather, visiting family, beaches, sites and generally having laid back fun. Roll on Sunday when she is returned to us safe and sound. If I'm honest, not that it happens very often, I can't say that I like my house without children. It's way toooooo quiet and three years down the line I still find it strange not having my little man around every day. I'm honest enough to confess that I love the noise and disruption he brings home with him every other weekend. Thanks, as always, to the staff who do such a fab job of caring for him in between his visits home.

It's been a busy old week at work and I'm glad that we only have a week until our financial year end, anew staffmember joins us on Monday to cover for my colleague on maternity leave, and best of all, only two weeks until I'm off on holiday for two whoe weeks and my precious boy will be home for 6 days during that time. As with so many people affected by autism, he depends on his routine. As much as we know he loves being home amongs his belongings and family, we have learned that he can only be with us for short periods if we want to maintain his progress. C'est la vie, but a hard one!!!!!!!

Right, enough for one night. ooooooooooh, justremembered, tonight is Grey's Anatomy night and one of my little weaknesses. It's the only TV programme which I make any conscious effort to watch - love it. Thank you Channel 5 for bringing it bak to me.

Definitely off this time so stay safe and well and let me know that you've been to visit. Until the next time..........



  1. Gill, this is a lovely list of things for which you are grateful. I love the one about the blue skies and mild breeze - I adore those days! The engagement book is beautiful - I'm with you on the less is more on the embellishment issue and you've got it right as far as I'm concerned. I hope you've been able to recharge your energy banks while your daughter's been away. Take care x

  2. love your list again this week gill...

    and WOW fab book, I love it and to me it's just right, well done, they're love it too...

    have a fab few week off next month gill and an extra special time with ross...hugs...

    maria x

  3. WOW!!! Gill, this book is just stunning, I really love it. I'm sure that you could add more embellishments, but I really don't think that it needs many, if any. I agree - less is more!

    What a lovely, thoughtful gift.

    Hugs - Carole xxx

  4. Your project is lovely Gill and just the right amount of embellishing!
    Jackie :-)

  5. Hi Gill, I was all poised to instruct you to add just another little embellie here and there (as I do), but your little engagement book thingy (your fabby technical term!) is absolutely gorgeous and perfect! If only I could be as restrained at times lol!
    Welldone you, and thank goodness you photographed it to share with us!
    Sue x

  6. A beautiful list Gill - and well done for finally having your day off!
    Your mini album is stunning - the embellies are just right and the vintage images are superb - they add a certain je ne sais quoi. Love the triple embossed hearts - how do you triple emboss? I'd love to try it.
    Sue xx

  7. Oh Gill, that book is marvellous!

    I prefer the Less Is More too and get a bit scared if I think I have used Too Much...

    That book is just right and looks awesome! One of these days I'm going to make albums of my own and if they are half as good as yours I'd be delighted.

    Fresh sheets! Yeay! One of the best things in the world! I am so with you on the lack of kiddy noise thing. Sometimes I really need a rest and quiet, yet whn they are not here I can't seem to relax enough

    Are they having a good time? I miss them almost as soon as they aren't here and my hubby despairs sometimes....

    Hope you enjoyed Grey's Anatomy!


    Gail xxx

  8. Gill a beautiful list I felt like I could feel the breeze and see those blue skies as I read it - beautiful. I only have one little one (not so little to be honest but he'll always be my baby) and it's so quiet when he's not around, we're going to attempt a 'date' night this week whilst he stays at my sisters but I know we find it mighty strange.

    Fresh sheets - bliss too!

    And I love love love the book I need to get one together for my cousin who gets married in a few weeks and I think you've just helped move me forward on starting to get it done - I adore the images and the charms and the embellishments are perfect!