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Friday, 10 June 2011

What's Rocking Your Friday!

Ok, so it's getting to look like I'm a quarterly blogger and for that I apologise!

I'm a regular follower of WRYF and admire the dedication of regulars such as Carmen, Virginia, Jet and Susie (in no particular order ladies).

Anyway, recent days have given me a need to try and count my blessings so here we go.

Hospital staff for treating my darling mum so promptly and so well - it's great to see her back up and about as normal.

A massive thanks to the ladies who supported Candles and Cupcakes for Daldorch on 29th May when we raised the princely sum of £240 in two hours for my darling boy's school = apologies for the lack of photos.

Continued thanks to the staff in Schiehallion Unit at Yorkhill for keeping an eye on the boy so regularly and accommodating all his little ideosyncracies when he comes to visit them.

To the staff at the school for remaining steadfast in their love and support for Ross, and especially on dark days like yesterday when his dad and I struggled and bit with the not so great prospects , details on which shan't darken this post.

For online craft shopping, soothes the soul even if all I do is stroke and admire my purchases. One day............

For books, the paper version, which I adore and of which I have three different titles on the go at the moment. Have just finished Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll and can thoroughly recommend it and hope SusieJ enjoys it - another vampire for her collection! Although I like the idea of a Kindle, I adore the feel of paper pages.

To the milder weather and light nights - I love these nights when even as I type this post at 10.20 at night it is still so very light outside - a bonus of staying so far north of the border.

Right - gotta go collect my girl, catch up on some sleep and then another busy weekend ensues including a necessary hunt for an outfit for THA garden party - wish me luck.

Take care all.



  1. Sorry you've had some dark days Gill - hope Ross is OK.
    Enjoy your stroking and reading and thanks for passing on Black Swan. :)
    Have fun choosing your outfit - retail therapy is good for the soul!lol
    Hugs xx

  2. A beautiful post Gill - don't stress about how often you join in just know that we are always there when you need us and we always love to catch up on what you are doing! Your list as always is heartfelt and knowing that you have support in areas of your life that can be difficult at times is fantastic! Glad your Mum is feeling a little better. May the long evenings stretch before us for a summer full of laughter and warmth and happiness - sending you all my love!

  3. Hi Gill, I am a supplies stroker too - I often love the materials so much I can't bear to use them, how daft is that?!

    So sorry to hear you've had some rough news to deal with, I hope you can keep strong while weathering this storm.

    Good news about your Mum.

    Wishing you a successful hunt for a dress!


  4. lovely list gill, so pleased your mum is fighting fit again...

    am sending you lots of sparkles for those dark times, chin up, you can get through them and you will, take care,

    maria xxx