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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Rocking Your World Friday!

Good morning all,

I am starting on this post mid-week in an effort to make a timely contribution by Friday. I am also aware that even on darker days there are small things which can make you smile despite everything else which goes on around you. For these things we should all be grateful.

Several weeks ago I read of Pinterest on a blog post and my curiosity was aroused. I now have a Pinterest account and love it! I make a point of making at least one daily addition and by pinning just one "thing" which makes me smile, I feel better so I give thanks for that! For other Rockers and Rockettes who are Pinterest devotees my boards are here. Also thanks to the great team at Pinterest who were swift to help when a glitch prevented me from adding/altering my boards.

I remain in awe of the mechanism that is internet shopping - love it. Not many recent purchases but they included a supply of Grungepaper, Craft Stamper magazine and a white Zig pen which had long been on my wishlist but which I'd quite simply never got around to sourcing!

Later in the week - Thursday afternoon now and my grateful is a simple one - sunshine! It seems to have been raining up here endlessly since last Friday. However I stepped outside about ten minutes ago and was met by blue skies, white clouds and a balmy breeze - just lovely - long may it last.

Friday morning and taking some time out to get this post done and dusted. So.......

Reading good books - the only thing which ever focuses my mind entirely on one thing. My book this week has been Water for Elephants - sure didn't see that ending coming!

Yorkhill's Schiehallion staff for continuing to be fabulous, accommodating, unquestioning and pulling out all the stops for our precious boy, leaving absolutely nothing to chance. It goes without saying that the staff at Daldorch coninue to be all things to Ross and us - words are not enough.

My true friends old and new who understand my sense of perspective at the moment and know why it's not important for me to spend far too precious time and an exorbitant sum of money hunting down an outfit for the Royal Garden Party. If I go, good and well and acknowledge the honour in being asked, but they'll take me as they find me!

Crafting - no photos yet - but am working away on three projects which have to be ready for mid-August so work has started in an effort to avoid being in a last minute rush as usual. Loving crafting on nights last night when I could sit in my shabby shed until late, with the door open, enjoying the quiet, the garden smells and some Il Divo (my crafting music of choice in summer!).

Right - must get on with the work of the day.. If you want to keep track of what the other Rockers and Rockettes have been up to then pop over the the home of the Queen of Rick, Virginia and follow the links from there!

Until next time..........



  1. Lovely,lovely list Gill. Great that you've been able to craft in your shed. :) And Il Divo...sigh. Love them. :)
    I too was taken by surprise at the ending of "Water for Elephants" - don't know whether I want to see the film or not (even if RPattz is in it).
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. I start early in week too so I can catch anything good that has happened... it's difficult to remember the good bits sometimes when there is so much bad trying to squash the light bits out of your head! *big squishy ninja hugs*

    G xxx

    btw your link from Virginia's blog on linky isn't spelt right think it's missing an 'l' so maybe put one in again or else people might miss your yeays (not the usual rabble who will come here whatever... but opportunists looking for blogs with posts of thankfulness type thing :) ) looked for email address to whisper it to you but couldn't find one so it will have to go in my comment lol xxx

  3. ...btw the mis-spelling was particularly apt for most of us who probably feel like we're in a bit of a bogspot lol


  4. Good list today Gill ...

    I too very recently discovered Pinterest and ... I LOVE IT!!! I am so inspired it's unreal! Can't believe I didn't know about it until a couple of weeks ago. I used to bookmark particular pages of blogs if there was something lovely now I can just pin it to one of my boards for instant inspiration!

    Glad you are getting to do, and enjoy, some crafting in your shed.

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  5. Loving your list and the idea of starting the ball rolling earlier in the week, I've often started it with a reflection mid-week but think it would be more of a 'happening' list of gratefuls if you documented as I go so might end up with a different style for the next post - we shall see! Your list as always is fantastic and often full of gratefuls for amazing people which always makes me smile because they in turn make life better for you! Giggled at the "take me as you find me" option of the garden party - couldn't put it better myself hun! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

  6. Hi Gill,

    Lucky you to have had some sunshine - it's been rather lacking down here, although some is promised for tomorrow. I'd better be ready to put on my t-shirt! Internet shopping is a little bit TOO easy, but I still love it! It saves all that driving round and then not being able to find what you want.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend with your sweet family.


  7. I think your perspective in regards of the garden party is spot on hun, you dont need a lot of money or spend ages looking to look nice & surely its more to do with what you do, personality etc that you got the invite rather than anything to do with how you dress.

  8. lovely list gill, hugs and sparkles coming your way for your ups and downs...xx

    maria xx

  9. Hi Gill

    Horray! I'm finally back in the land of blogging. I've had lots of problems with leaving comments and updating my blog, but today I have managed to do both :)

    I love your list Gill, and I too have be intruduced to the magical world of Pinterest and everyday pinning,lol! I just LOVE it!!!

    Hugs and craftiness!
    Suzie xxxx :)