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Monday, 17 May 2010

Rumours of my death................

Morning bloggers

I am such a lazy, lazy, lazy blogger. I have been busy since my last post but in my usual fashion have forgotten to take pics of my crafty efforts - deliberately or otherwise.

An early preoccupation this year was memory books for some of the cast members of Fiddler on the Roof in a local production. DD took part in this production as her first full musical. I have to admit that I was uncertain about allowing her to join the company. However I can now put my hands up and say that I was wrong to worry. It's done her confidence the world of good. Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the covers of two of the finished books. The sepia book is Alexandra's own and the pink one is one for a friend of hers in the company, Elaine. I also did books in sapphire, emerald, ruby and gold.

Next up was a challenge on the Docrafts scrapbooking forum. A number of us agreed to do a matchbox swap. The matchbox in question was one of the Cook's Matches boxes which was to be decorated and filled with little crafty items. It has to be said that this allowed us to be a little more creative in terms of decoration and the amount of items we could put in the box.

My swap partner was the lovely Sue Bubbles and she very kindly sent me this little treasure trove:

Thank you so much Sue! If you want to see my contribution to the swap, go to Sue's blog here .

Last, but by no means least, I dug out my Bind-It-All which I received as a birthday present back in October. Having completed the Fiddler books, I thought I'd have a go at a couple of Post-It holders.

Looking at photos of my work makes me realise that my style is a very simple one and perhaps I shouldn't fret about trying to change it - easier said than done my friends.

My final word - go here to my new favourite blog - Suzy Weinberg.

Happy blogging!



  1. Love all you've made recently Gill - what a great idea to do the books for the show.
    Sue xx

  2. Those books must have taken you hours to make Gill - and so many of them! Especially loving the sepia one, it's gorgeous.
    Didn't you do well (said in best Brucey fashion!) on your matchbox swap - lucky old you!!!
    Cute post it holders too!
    Carole xxx

  3. LOL great to see you're still alive and kicking, lol...

    love all your crafty bits and will have a nose of your matchbox on sue's blog later...

    hope all is well with you and the family...
    maria x

  4. Fab recent makes I must say Sue got a lot in that matchbox hugs alma xx

  5. Everything is wonderful Gill, I adore Sue's Match box too, lots of yummy things there!
    Lovely to see you blogging again.
    Suzie xxxxx :)