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Monday, 29 June 2009

Thunder Clouds and Silver Linings

Good evening dear reader

I think it's fair to say that I've been a bit distracted of late what with one thing and another. I was on a friend's blog recently and saw this imaginative way of summing things up without going into detail and I know Sue will forgive me - imitation being the purest form of flattery and all that! It really all got a bit intense for a few days but it's passed now and I'm dealing with it now the best way I know how - just get on with it and don't even think about moaning. My thanks though to Eileen for providing the knowing and listening ear.
Anyway. On a less challenging note, last week saw Graduation taking place at work. A few of our casual staff were graduating this summer and so I thought I'd make the effort to do some card which turned into word books. There I was burning the midnight oil, following helpful input from my friend Tania!

I have to confess that I scraplifted the idea from the Cricut Crafts forum and yet again counted my blessings where having my Cricut are concerned! You'll have guessed the the University colour is green which I put up along with the black of the graduation robes.

The "congrats" emblem was a fab find on the "George and Basic Shapes" cartridge (I think!) and the photos don;t really do it justice.

However, my favourite touch was these beautiful little silver effect lion rampant brads with a little bling stone atop - I absolutely adore them and am pretty sure they are by Delish. The tartan ribbon was a piece I had bought "just in case" at some point in the dim and distant past and only goes to prove that gut purchases can be wise ones!!!

The sun shone on Wednesday and Thursday and the Graduates all looked respectively handsome and beautiful and associated family and friends looked suitably proud. I think it's easy to forget that it's really the culmination of everything the University is about when we're all so busy running a really busy and large department like Sports Development. Anyway, it was a lovely end to what had been a fairly horrendous 7 days, which included a good bout of concussion and more tears than I care to think about.

Also, to top matters off, I went for a scan to see if a source could be found for some recurring pain I've been suffering and half an hour alter the radiographer lassie told me there was something on my right ovary which was probably causing all the bother. I have to wait until Monday next to get the final result - joy!!!

In search of a silver lining to a busy Monday I ventured out into the garden and was delighted to see that colour has arrived:

In the past I have been a real fuchsia fanatic but let it fall by the wayside when family matters were more pressing. My dad however, bless him, seemed determined to reawaken my interest and presented me with these two beauties about a month ago. Thanks Dad!!!!

On the bright side, schools here have broken up for the summer so no more roaring at daughter to get out her pit five mornings out of seven LOL!! Sadly, it's also a reminder that there's no such things as ordinary long summer holidays for my darling boy! It's more than he could cope with, and so we all make do with our treasured second weekends and occasional long weekends. Treasure these long breaks ladies when you start wishing your children back to school by the third week of the holidays. It's yet another one of those things that you don't miss until it's gone.
Here I am being a right little misery - my apologies. Still as my good friends on Docrafts would say - better in than out - eh ladies?
Right, onwards and upwards and off out to retrieve my washing in this lovely evening sunshine - long may it last. Only five weeks and then I'm off work for three glorious weeks - yippee!!!
Take care dear reader.


  1. the grad cards are beautiful, those brads are fab. your are so lucky to have a cricut. all those big letters to make all those fab books..
    im so sorry to read youve been feeling this low. thankgod for eileen and tania. and this blog. as we all know how you keep things to yourself. but sometimes it has to come out. or you will make yourself ill. im so sorry and sad for you, that ross cant come home for long holidays anymore. i know as you would be driving him back, you were wishing the next visit would come around quickly, to have him back home with you.
    i hope the next 5 weeks fly by, for that well deserved 3 week break.
    im sending you lots and lots of sparkles gill. and a zillion for ross.
    big big hugs
    gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Turned out fantastic Gill, well done. You have done a great job. I wish I could help you more but all I can offer is that I will be here should you ever need me for anything. I will do my best to help. Even if it is just to keep you company, I can do that at least lol

    Oh Ps I got my car today woo hoo and Im sure you have been following my saga with the kitchen on docrafts. Catch ya later I will pop round at some point to let you see my new car.

    T x

  3. WOW gill what a fab card, I love everything about it, well done...

    sending you lots of hugs and sparkles with the hospital visit and ross, can understand fully and my heart goes out to you, but you know in your heart it's for the best...

    I admit I like the 6 wks holidays, no clock watching and like you said the years go all too quick, cannot believe my babies are 22 and 18 this year.... yes all too quick...

    live life to the full I say, have a fab 3 wks off and extra fab special weekends with your special boy....

    maria xx

  4. Your graduation card is wonderful Gill, and your Wordle...isnt it a fab way to just get things out there without appearing to be a moaning minnie...he he! Its brilliant, welldone you. Ooodles of sparkles for you Gill!
    Sue x

  5. hi gill, i just popped over to see what youve been up to. but you must be up to yours eyes with work and life.
    i just wanted to send you some more hugs and sparkles and a huge top up for ross.
    gina xxxxxxxxxxx